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💰9 Ways to Make MONEY with Your DRONE

✅ FREE training with DJI drones:

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FAA PART 107 Test Center ►

GEAR in THIS VIDEO: – DJI Phantom 4 Pro ►

– DJI Mavic 2 Pro ►

– Inspire 1 V2 ►

– DJI Matrice 200 Series V2 ►

– DJI Inspire 2 ►

🔴All the EQUIPMENT I use:





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  1. I agree with the concept of quality over quantity, You only get one time to make a good impression. This as opposed to another video tutorial that touts spit them out and improve as you go along.
    There is asite that has been going for 11 yrs doing vids of mostly bridges, construction and demolition. Some of his vids have as few as 23 views so clearly somethin is wrong but there doesn't seem to be any improvement in over a decade. So far he has about 49k views in total which seems a waste of time to me.

    So I'm planning to do the best possible job possible the first time.

  2. So good video with some really good suggestions just one small problem, unless you have some very expensive very powerful editing & production software aling with the time to do it you are dead in the water.

    Raw footage or photos from a drone and not worth anything.


  3. Hey, great video and thanks for making it. I haven't bought a drone yet but I'm planning on it.. have been thinking on it for a couple of years now. I first thought of it when a co-op didn't fertilize a field properly because one of the nozzles were clogged. So 15 to 30 foot was not being treated. Depending on how much land, that could run up the bill pretty quickly for something you paid for but were not getting. Any how, I do have the computer mindset of buy one today and it's obsolete yesterday. So I was looking for something that would be future proof a little and looking at the Autel EVO2 pro.. any thoughts?


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