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10 Best Places to Sell YuGiOh Cards (Nearby and Online)

Would you like to know where to sell Yu-Gi-Oh cards? Then this is the post for you.

If you have a card you no longer need, you should definitely consider selling it.

The money you get depends on the specific card you have. Thankfully, there are sites that you can use to determine the value of the Yu-Gi-Oh cards in your collection, such as

Some of the places mentioned below will help you price your collection for sale.

Now that’s not the end. Let’s get on the list.

Where to Buy Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Here are the best places to find people and shops to buy Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

1.Reddit (r / YGOMarketplace)

r/YGOMarketplace is a subreddit for trading, buying and selling Yu-Gi-Oh cards and other Yu-Gi-Oh related products. This is a good option because it allows you to control the sales process.

2. Local card store

One of the best places to sell cards is the local card store. Definitely a good option if you are looking for a quick and easy way to sell your cards. Many people report success on sites like Reddit and Quora.

The only downside to selling to local card stores is that you can’t always get the best price. This is because these stores want to buy cards and resell them for a profit, so they will usually offer and resell them at a lower price than they are worth.

Still, it’s one of the best options for convenience. You can find a store near you by typing the term “near me card shop” or “near me Yu-Gi-Oh card shop”. This will give you a store near you. It is advisable to check by phone in advance if the store is actually buying the card.

3. Dave and Adam’s shop

Dave and Adam’s store purchases a Yu-Gi-Oh single card. These include cards like Super, Ultimate, Ultra and Secret Rares.

The site offers a variety of payment options including cash, PayPal, and check.

4. TCG Player Marketplace

You can list the cards to sell on the TCG Player Marketplace. You don’t even have to pay for installation or listing. When you make a sale, you receive a commission on the site.

It’s a great place to sell Yu-Gi-Oh cards as you can sell them to millions of active customers around the world.

You’ll have access to product descriptions and images, pricing data, and 100% fraud protection for tens of thousands of collectibles.

5. Card Market

Cardmarket is another thing to consider. It is a European online marketplace to buy and sell TCG including Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

This site has a sales guide and you can check out the page linked in the title of this section.

6. offers two options for selling Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

Option 1: View the individual listing price for each card and add the card you want to sell to your cart. You can search for the UPC barcode on the package or enter the name.

Option 2: You can sell your collection in bulk at a flat price without having to look up each card one at a time.

The card must be in Mint or in a new state.

7. Card Trader

CardTrader allows you to sell your cards to players around the world. You can register a card for sale for free.

When the goods are sold, you pay a 5% commission. You can withdraw your income via bank transfer.

8. eBay

One of the best places to sell cards is eBay. Because you can set the price yourself. This means you have better control over the sales process.

Also, you can list up to 50 items here for free. When the card is sold, eBay receives a 10% commission. So, keep that in mind when pricing your card sales.

9. Game Goblin

This store offers a list of useful card purchases. The site says that they are always buying Yu-Gi-Oh cards, they use TCGPlayer’s low price as a base and offer up to 65% of the card’s present value in cash.

Alternatively, you can earn store credit and receive an additional 25% of the cash offer as a trade-in bonus. The company’s buyer rates the card and offers an offer. You can contact us about card sales using the contact form.

10. CoreTCG

You can sell Yu-Gi-Oh single cards at CoreTCG. Buy large and small collections.

Damaged or used cards cannot be sold. Therefore, cards that are wrinkled, bent, dent or worn are not allowed.

CoreTCG will deduct 20% of the total amount without exception if you don’t follow the instructions, be sure to read the sales instructions according to CoreTCG. So, yes, be sure to read those instructions!

The company pays you by check, PayPal, or store credit. It also offers 20% more in-store deals for all non-bulk items.

What is a Yu-Gi-Oh card worth the money?

According to, the 5 most expensive cards are:

  1. Chamber Dragon Maid: Eternity Code: (Starlight Rare) – $389.00
  2. Water Master Eria, Gentle: Eternity Code: (Starlight Rare) – $ 376.74
  3. Trishla, the dragon of the ice barrier: Blazing Vortex: (Starlight Rare) – $345.00
  4. Dark magician girl: Event Pack Speed ​​Duel: (Normal) – $ 199.99
  5. Only dragon: Legendary Battle: Armageddon: (10000 Secret Rare) $188.89

You can find out more about the most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh cards here.

good luck!

If you have a card you no longer want, why not sell it? You can make some money and organize them in the process.

Any tips on where to sell Yu-Gi-Oh cards? If so, let us know in the comments section below.



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