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10 reasons you need to start a food blog

You are undecided, still unsure if starting a food blog is a good idea. While you know cooking and grocery stores, and everyone loves your food, blogging involves more than just knowing your craft.

Not to mention blogging takes time. That’s what scares you. However, if you are patient and keep creating new content, such as fine wine that improves with age, your blog will grow and generate recurring income in the future.

These are some of the reasons why you should start a food blog.

Talk about the foods that matter to you

Whether you’re a cookie buff, vegan, or the type of person who can eat anything you get their hands on, running a food blog is a great way to show off your prowess in the food domain.

You can write about anything useful about your favorite foods and no one will ask you anything.

Plus, you can blog about the struggles you endure when preparing a family meal for eight, and some people will resonate with you. In other words, you can always get followers and some people will cheer for you.

Improve your cooking or baking skills

If you’ve been eager to master specific baking techniques or culinary skills, starting a food blog will take you out of your comfort zone and force you to master them.

Most of all, you can only post about brown rice and ground beef so many times in front of your followers, and you start to wish for something new.

On top of that, your dedication to regular posting will help you push your limits in the kitchen as food blogging will keep you on the edge. You will have no choice but to master new cooking techniques and create new recipes to keep your audience coming back for more.

Experiment with new recipes

Having a recipe blog means that you will be on a new adventure every day. You’ll work with fresh ingredients, develop new recipes, and document your instructions online.

Trying new things helps you unleash your creativity, making you a better cook. So if you are a creative genius, your food blog is your playground. You will be able to practice your unique style through design and photography.

Share your recipes online

If people keep asking about their portion recipes at community barbecues and family functions, having a food blog will make things easier for you.

You will give them the URL of your blog and you will never have the responsibility to follow up with anyone. It will direct anyone interested to your website.

Recipe blogs are a great way to post your recipes to give everyone easy access, regardless of their location around the world.

Connect with other food bloggers

Food blogs will offer you endless opportunities to meet people with whom you share a common bond, both online and offline.

You’ll connect with like-minded people who are equally excited about food and food blogs. The connections you make as a food blogger can prove very useful in the future.

You can easily monetize it

Monetizing a food blog is easier due to the huge traffic these niches tend to accumulate. Food blogging works well on Pinterest and other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

With the right traffic and content strategy, you can easily reach 100,000 followers, opening up great opportunities for collaborations and sponsorships.

You can also monetize your food blog by running display ad programs like Mediavine, selling cookbooks, food photos, or food courses.

Travel, sponsorships and numerous opportunities

As a food blogger, you will attend events such as food contests, workshops, and exhibitions. If you’re a food and travel blogger, you’ll enjoy trying new local recipes while making stops across the country or the world.

You should give your audience expert advice on the best local foods to try, the best restaurants to visit, and helpful tips on the best places to visit for special diets.

Also, as your food blog grows, famous 5-star hotels may invite you to meet various experiences or media trips.

Hone your food photography skills.

You need good photos for your food blog. Hiring a food photographer is inexpensive for a small food blog, so you will take most of the photos yourself. Therefore, it is imperative that you learn excellent photography skills to take great pictures.

Your food photography style doesn’t have to be the best, but at the very least, you should know the basics. You will learn how to properly expose your subjects. It will tell if an image is overexposed or underexposed.

Get a sense of accomplishment

We all feel great when we know we are contributing to a greater cause. Imagine knowing that your food blog is:

  • Help a busy mom quickly find easy recipes to make.
  • Allowing people in your community to eat healthy and stay fit.
  • Help people with food alternatives to find alternative recipes without altering the taste and nutrients, etc.

You will be happy to know that you are using your knowledge and skills to help others achieve their goals.

Write a cookbook one day

If you want to write a cookbook one day, the best way to start is to start a food blog. Your blog will introduce you to influencers in the industry and help you build a ready-to-buy audience. Once you’ve built an audience of, say, 20,000 email subscribers, promoting your cookbook will give you the starting boost in terms of first sales and reviews, which are critical to Amazon ranking.

Final thoughts

Food blogging isn’t really easy, but it’s something you might want to try if you’re intrigued by the reasons above. Focus on posting quality content, mastering food photography, and engaging with your readers and bloggers before focusing on the money. But do not worry. If you work hard, the money will find it.



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