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20 EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL (With 21 FREE TOOLS)

Here are 20 easy and profitable Fiverr gigs that you can do as a complete beginner, without any special skills, ESPECIALLY with the free tools I show you in this video! * ✨🔥NEW VIDEO UPDATE for 2021🔥✨ * 30 NEW beginner friendly methods to make money on Fiverr with OVER 20 FREE TOOLS:

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▬ Index Introduction: 0:00 1) Brand services + 3 free tools: 01:22 2) Digital presentation design + 2 free tools: 03:33 3) Background recording +1 New free tool: 04:40 4) Subtitling (automatic method) + 1 free tool: 07:37 – Complementary in-depth tutorial:

5) E-book file conversions + 1 free tool: 09:23 – Complementary detailed tutorial:

6) YouTube Intro / Exit Clips + 1 Free Tool: 10:16 – Supplementary Detailed Tutorial:

7) Transcription + 1 free tool: 11:35 am 8) Travel advice and planning + 2 free tools: 13:45 – Complementary in-depth tutorial:

9) Short video ads + 2 free tools: 14:34 10) Social media ads + 2 free tools: 18:40 11) Photo retouching + 2 free tools: 20:21 12) Data entry + 1 free tool: 22:10 13) Virtual Assistant: 22:43 14) Fiverr Affiliate: 23:00 – Complementary in-depth tutorial:

15) Beta reading: 24:16 16) User test + 1 free tool: 24:40 17) Impersonation + 1 free tool: 25:00 18) Phone calls: 25:24 19) Brochure distribution: 25: 44 20) Random greetings and videos: 26:01 Sign up for Fiverr here (free):

Sign up here for Fiverr affiliates (free):

Get TWO FREE Shares with WeBull (Free Stock Brokerage Account):

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How to make money on YouTube for FREE without subscribers: 5 unique strategies, step by step! (2021):

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Intro Music: Doves de Aritus 🌸 Source:


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  1. ✨🔥NEW VIDEO UPDATE for 2021🔥✨ 30 NEW Beginner-Friendly Methods to Make Money On Fiverr With OVER 20 FREE TOOLS:
    ☝️Tired of trading time for money? Here's my #1 recommendation for making money online (passive income!):
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  2. Hello, Fred. I have a question for you. Is it better to handle for several gigs niches at once, or should I focus on only one? Since, as far as I can see, we can do these jobs in a short time and have multiple jobs to increase our income.

  3. IMPORTANT: YouTube has announced that from 28 September 2020 Community contribution will no longer be available. This will mean no new subtitles can be added to any videos after that date. The creators will have to manually upload subtitles either made by themselves and/or purchased from translation services.


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