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21 Best Free Movie Apps for Firestick: Free Movies, Shows & Live TV Streaming

I like to watch movies, especially mystery and thriller movies. But if you watch a lot of movies like me, it can be really expensive.

Sure, finding content to watch is easy if you subscribe to a service like Netflix, but if you’re not subscribed to a service like Netflix or Hulu, or if you can’t find a lot of content you want to watch, you can find tons of free movies to watch on common streaming subscription platforms; It’s good to know that there are some great free apps that offer TV shows and live TV. Yes, that’s right. This movie is free to watch on Firestick and Firestick TV.

Here are my favorite free movie apps for Firestick.

Plex should be one of the best apps to stream both movies and TV shows. It really has everything to offer. It features movies from well-known movie studios such as Warner Brothers, MGM and Lionsgate. There are Oscar winners, animations, documentaries and more on offer.

Oh, and besides movies and TV shows, you can also use Plex to search for your favorite podcasts or discover new podcasts through personalized recommendations.

It comes with many other features that make this app a great app, like 3-second skip, variable speed playback and cross-device playback states, so you can resume where you left off on any device.

2. Crackle

Next on the list is Crackle. This is a really great app from Sony that lets you stream movies for free! You can filter content by genre, such as Comedy, Drama, or Thriller. You can also create a “Movies to watch later” list and add the movies you want to see.

I always enjoy having such a feature in the app as I will often watch a few other movies that I like when searching for a movie. I’ll watch one and end up forgetting what to call the rest the next time I come to the cinema.

So being able to create a watchlist is always a handy feature.

You can find Hollywood movies, TV series and originals powered by Crackle. And it’s completely free, on-demand, and requires no subscription. By setting up a free account with Crackle, you can see fewer ads and continue where you left off on any device.

3. Tuby

Tubi is an app that offers a vast collection of free premium TV shows and movies. With it, you can watch new shows and movies every week. And there are many different categories to choose from. The best part is that you can watch it for free!

No credit card or subscription required. So you can stream movies on demand for free!

From comedy to drama, there is a lot to offer here, and you can also find shows and movies for kids, Korean dramas, anime and British series too!

Owned by Fox Corporation, Tubi is a legitimate and legitimate streaming app.

4. Pluto TV

Next on the list is Pluto TV. With it you can watch over 100 HD channels. There are also over 1,000 movies and full TV episodes that can be streamed on-demand. The app is available for Firestick and Fire TV support is also provided.

In addition to movies and TV shows, there are also news like NBC News, Sky News, and Bloomberg. There are also MMA, boxing and more for fighting fans.

And all of this is completely free!

5. Popcorn Flix

Popcornflix is ​​another great free app for watching movies. This allows you to stream over 1,500 movies and TV shows instantly! Are you crazy?

With it you can find movies from different genres like Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family/Kids, Action/Thriller, Horror, Spanish, Documentary, Bollywood and more!

The best part is that it’s completely free. No subscription registration or fees are required.

6. Wharf

Next on the list is Vudu, and this app is perfect for movie fans and TV lovers as it has so much to offer. The Vudu library features over 150,000 movies and TV shows!

And watch movies in up to 4k Ultra HD!

Download movies and TV shows to your phone or tablet to watch offline or on the go.

7. Shemo

Xumo offers live and on-demand streaming. There are also over 190 other channels to choose from. In addition to offering movie channels, you can also find breaking news, stand-up comedy, sports, news coverage, and more.

8. Filmize

FilmRise is one of the best free movie apps for Firestick and Firestick TV. With it, you can watch full movies and TV shows for free. You can stream content legally.

FilmRise lets you watch movies and TV shows in a wide variety of genres such as action, thriller, horror, drama, comedy, and more. It also has a “Recently Played” list to help you keep track of what you’ve watched. This allows you to quickly resume where you left off.

All videos are in HD quality and completely free!

9. YouTube

There are actually a few free movies on YouTube. There are movies available for rent or purchase, but there are also plenty of free movies too! You can also get recommendations and playlists!

10. Roku Channel

Roku is an incredibly popular app on Firestick. The Roku Channels app allows you to enjoy over 100 live channels featuring a variety of content such as movies, TV shows, news and sports. And it’s all free. The Roku Channel has a lot to offer, so if you want to watch a movie for free, give it a try!

11. Amazing Classics

Amazing Classics lets you watch classic movies and classic TV shows. There is much to offer, such as action and adventure films, comedy films, film noir, horror films and documentaries. There are also movie quizzes.

If you like classic movies and TV shows from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Amazing Classics is the app for you.

12. Airy

Airy is an app for streaming movies. And it’s free! In addition to offering movies, you can also watch TV shows, documentaries and sports documentaries.

13. FilmRise Horror

I’ve seen tons of horror movies (except for really brutal movies like Saw – they’re not for me!) but I’ve seen a lot of slasher movies like Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street.

I don’t watch as many horror movies as I used to, but horror is still one of my favorite genres. If you like horror movies like me, you should try FilmRise Horror.

It offers tons of free horror movies like slashers, zombies, psychological thrillers, suspense movies and more. It also offers franchise movies like Prom Night. For horror movies and TV shows, check out the app.

14. Rakuten Vicki

Rakuten Viki offers TV shows and movies from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. Subtitles are available in over 200 languages. You can also get entertainment news and more. Viki is free to watch and also available on Fire TV.

You’ll find movies and TV shows in a variety of popular genres, including K-Drama, C-Drama, Comedy, Romance, Costumes and Era, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Action and Adventure, and more.

You can also rate and review your favorite shows.

15. Free Movies Plus

Free Movies Plus offers hours of premium content from many popular categories. You’ll find a library of free movies in a variety of genres, including classic comedies, musicals, and westerns. And all of this is completely free!

16. FilmRise Sci-Fi

Sci-fi movies are great. Play for free with FilmRise Sci-Fi. An app where you can find many sci-fi movies, including Hollywood movies. You’ll find tons of full movies, including classic sci-fi, action-packed thrillers, speculative disaster movies, and more. And it’s all free!

17. FilmRise Thriller

I really like thriller movies. If you like good thrillers too, check out FilmRise Thriller. An app for Firestick that lets you watch free thriller movies and TV. It includes action-packed crime thrillers, thrilling supernatural fantasy, suspenseful murder mysteries and more.

It comes with many other features such as video playback. Overall, for anyone who enjoys thriller movies, FilmRise Thriller is the app for you.

18. Movie Night

MovieNite lets you watch movies on any device you watch. This app features hundreds of hours of movie content. From rare finds to cult classics, we have a movie for every taste.

19. Western Mania

Do you love western movies? If so, check out Western Mania.

App featuring classic western movies, western TV shows, B-Westerns and John Wayne movies. If you like westerns, this app is for you!

20. IMDb Movies and TV

IMDb Movies & TV offers a catalog of over 3 million movie and TV titles. You’ll also get the latest movie trailers, entertainment news, movie and TV run times, and user and critic reviews.

So it’s not only a great app for watching movies and TV shows, it’s also a great source for movies, TV and celebrity content (like quiz quotes and silly things)!

21. Amazon Prime Video

good. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you get free access to Prime Video with your membership. Prime Video offers tons of movies and TV shows.

If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon, you should consider a Prime membership as it offers free shipping on Prime-eligible items with no minimum purchase required. You can also access free movies with Prime videos and free music through Amazon Music.

So, consider a Prime subscription and enjoy tons of free movies and TV shows.

Enjoy the movie!

I’ve always loved watching movies and with my Firestick and Fire TV, I really like the fact that you can find tons of apps that offer free movies. You can really find a movie for every taste.

What do you think is the best free movie app for Firestick and Fire TV? Let us know in the comments section below.



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