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25+ easy online tasks anyone can do, completely free!

I absolutely love the easy online job!

The easiest way to earn extra cash online…

If what you need is something you can do Set your own scheduleIf you make more money with less work, or do something you like, you should consider this type of work from home.

In this post 25+ easy online tasks anyone can do, completely free! I have taken the time to research each of these companies and I can confidently say that they are legitimate.

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Survey participants

Another easy online task to make money online is to take a survey. The company wants to find your opinion on products and services. To achieve this, they hire companies to conduct surveys. These companies pay people to give their opinions about their products or services. Companies that continue to hire survey participants include:

Check this out Full list of legal cash payment online survey websites.


If you can type quickly while listening to a voice recording, you should consider working as a transcription. The warrior’s job is very in demand. No matter how hard the technique is, you may not be able to fully record what your mouth says. This is why so many companies hire Transcribers and pay for their work.

Examples of companies that employ deceased people include:

Are you interested in this job? I have a list The best online warrior jobs here.

Virtual assistant

If you can handle simple activities like scheduling an appointment, taking notes, collecting data, or acting as a personal assistant, you can work as a virtual assistant. There are numerous virtual assistant opportunities available online. The following companies regularly hire virtual assistants.

Want to become a virtual assistant? I have a list The best online virtual assistant jobs here.

Get paid for grocery delivery

Regular visits to the grocery store can help you earn money there. There are companies that pay for grocery delivery. Some of them are:

Why don’t you bother with grocery delivery? I have a list Here are the best sites to do grocery shopping.

Get paid to complete easy online tasks

You can even earn money online by completing simple tasks. There are many types of tasks that need to be completed. However, the constant factor is that all tasks can be completed in a short amount of time. The companies hiring you to complete micro jobs are:

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Become an online receptionist

As an online receptionist, your job is to ensure that your customers are well-served at any time of the day. Your work includes making phone calls, chatting with customers, and providing feedback. Hiring company Online application are:

Getting paid to draw a greeting card

If you are good at art, you can make money with it. Many companies hire you to draw greeting cards. Companies that can work are:

Interested in more companies like this? I have a list The best sites to pay for drawing greeting cards here.

Get paid for click ads

Did you know that you can earn money by clicking on ads? There are click sites that hire you to click on ads placed by customers. Examples of companies in this niche include:

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Video watcher

You can make money on the Internet just by watching videos online. Easy and interesting. Companies that simply pay for watching videos include:

check out – 6 Ways To Watch Online Video Ads To Make Money Easily

Get paid to review music tracks

Can you listen to music and give a review? Then you should consider applying to all or part of the companies below.

Court researcher

Did you know you can make money as a court researcher? Your job is to visit courts and collect public record information. The research company you work for uses this information. Is it easy? Companies hiring in this niche are:

Confirm : How to work part-time at home as a court researcher

Get paid to answer simple questions

You can also earn money by answering simple questions on the survey website. Companies that pay money to answer simple questions are:

check out 17 sites to pay for online chat by answering questions

Pay $200 for the city

Are you gifted with poetry? Did you know that you can make money just by writing poems for people? There are several online platforms where you can make money by simply writing poetry. Some of them are:

relation : Get Money To Write Poems Online: Get Extra Cash Every Month!

Easy online website testing task

Some companies pay to test their website. The information you provide will help make the website more familiar. Some of the companies are:

Want to become a virtual assistant? I have a list The best online virtual assistant jobs here.

Get paid for reading assignments for blind people

You can earn money just by helping blind people perform simple activities. You can help them shop, read emails, and identify colors. Companies in this niche are:

Teaching English to Chinese Students

If you know you can be as good as an English teacher, you should consider teaching it to Chinese students. It’s a great way to make big money. Companies hiring in this niche are:

Get paid for captioned videos

You can earn money by providing subtitles to your videos. The following companies are hiring you:

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Phone mystery shoppers

You can earn money by working as a phone mystery shopper. All you have to do is call and collect information about a specific product. The following companies are hiring you:

Go here for list A company that recruits phone mystery shoppers

Product tester

Product testing is a fun task when working from home. You can earn money by reviewing your favorite products. In addition to getting a free product, you get paid for your work. Companies hiring you in this niche are:

check out If you want to test your free product online, pay for it: 6 legitimate sites you can sign up for now!

Social media manager

As a social media manager, you can even make money at home. Your job is simply to manage social media accounts for different brands.


If you have an eye on spotting grammatical errors in an article, this task is for you. Make money proofing posts, articles, and internal notes for your organization. The following companies are hiring you:

Do you want to be a proofreader? I have a list The 38 best online proofreading jobs are here.


You can earn money by guiding others in your preferred area of ​​study. To get started, visit the following companies:

Want to become a virtual assistant? Check out the list. The best online tutoring jobs here.

Search engine evaluator

You can also make money online with this service. Search engine evaluators provide feedback on search engine results and the relevance of the search. Companies that can apply are:

Would you like to apply now? I have a list Best Online Search Engine Evaluator Jobs Here.

Data entry

Support data entry activities to earn money. There are many companies in this niche. Some of them are:

Want to become a data entry agent? I have a list Best online data entry job.

Other things in the job of making money at home include:

Looking for an easier online job?

If so, be sure to pack my e-book. 20 beginner-friendly ways to make money online from 150 companies. It’s just $10. We’ve also included a printable application tracker so you can keep track of the companies you’ve applied for and more!

I absolutely love the easy online job!  If you want to make more money with less work or want to do what you love, more than 25 easy online jobs are for you!  # Make Money # Online Job # Adult Money Online # Job # At Work



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