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3 Ways Leaders with Disabilities Can Utilize Resources in Excel

Push your limits by making the most of your people, time and finances.

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June 18, 2021

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As a disabled leader running a company, one day it may feel like a tougher fight than usual. As a responsible person, you may feel the pressure to always do your best. A disability can make a leader difficult. However, if you can leverage the resources around you, overseeing your organization is easier.

The following three tips offer new ways to leverage your available assets and ultimately prepare you for success.

1. Respect the passage of time

Leaders with disabilities may take longer to complete routine tasks that someone can quickly perform without restrictions. What’s more, illness can spike at unplanned moments, making you constantly stressed out and hopefully someone else can count on you.

To prepare for this unpredictability, plan ahead. Respect your top performance points and train your employees to engage when they aren’t top notch. Whether you wake up early or sleep better in the afternoon, spend your time intentionally. To make the most of your limited time in the day, consider when you feel more efficient and use that opportunity to conquer urgent problems or important missions. When you have a day off, hand over some of your responsibilities to the specific people you’ve trained for. This way you can get support so that no minutes are wasted.

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Also, consider setting an all-day alarm. These alerts allow you to track your activity so you can do it optimally. Having a time management system in place allows you to allocate ample time for various tasks, leaving room for answering calls or making instant appointments in case a disability interrupts your concentration.

Providing a specific time frame for completing a project can increase your productivity and prevent you from putting too much effort into one task. Adjusting your work pattern to your energy flow is much more efficient.

2. Leverage teams to fill in the blanks

It is easy to feel defeated when there are certain actions that you cannot perform physically or mentally. Struggling to complete everyday tasks can be limiting, but sometimes overwhelming. That’s why it’s so important to find a teammate to close the gap between slowing you down and what you need to do. This can be an assistant that will be your eyes or ears on certain tasks, such as running errands or collecting surveys. Handing over duties to that right-handed person overcomes the fatigue of trying to get everything done alone.

You might even find a responsible partner to motivate you on harder days. This person may share similar obstacles and may understand the obstacles you are facing.

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Finally, it’s important to have team members who specialize in tasks that are outside the wheelhouse. Being your own accountant, lawyer, marketer, etc. can be a burden, especially for leaders with disabilities. It’s important to find a professional to help you conquer unfamiliar territory. Knowing that others can help when you’re struggling can create a positive work environment where everyone contributes to the business and plays a worthy role.

3. resourceful with your money

Sometimes, especially if you have a condition that makes it difficult to manage your funds, they can easily get out of your way. If you have someone else to help you write checks or navigate online banking, they may not always be in charge of where your capital is going. A better way to spend your money is to have a clear budget. You need to figure out who you are funding and how much is allocated to the different sectors of your company. When you step back and evaluate your budget, you can redefine the way you spend your money. This may entail evaluating whether hourly or fee-based payments are a better fit for your spending plan. You may also decide to hire an employee only part-time instead of full-time.

More importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount or find a free service to fund your venture. There are many state programs and non-profit organizations that provide resources to business owners with disabilities, which can be a burden. If you can get free or low-cost services to help people with disabilities, you can help them thrive by investing more money in other parts of your organization. By planning and analyzing your budget, you can confidently make financial decisions and plan for the future.

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Time, people and money can help you manage your agenda smoothly. Using your time effectively can relieve many of the stresses of your workday. Recruiting talented team members to support you will give you the power to accomplish more, faster. Responsible handling of money increases the company’s growth potential. This is the key to allowing you to push any limits and run a business you are proud of.

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