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41 Best Rapper Quotes About Money

There are a lot of great rapper sayings about money. Rapper And Don Go Together Rap lyrics about money aren’t hard to find, even in some of the greatest and most famous rap songs of all time.

For me, the first picture that comes to my head when I think of rappers and money is either tons of cash thrown in the air or a “gangster” rapper with piles of money surrounded by beautiful ladies and fast cars.

But these days rappers are smart about money. In the videos and songs they can rap about overspending huge amounts of money as if there is no tomorrow, but many of them have learned to better manage their newly acquired wealth.

Some of them actually have great inspirational and even funny quotes about money. So, in today’s post, I’m going to share the best financial quotes from rappers.

Let’s start off with a list of the best quotes, proverbs and rap lyrics about money from famous rappers with my favorite rapper’s money quotes.

Adversity shapes character, and character takes you where money can’t go.


As opposed to cheating all my money on diamonds and cars, I invest in real estate and invest in some. It looks good, but eventually loses value. It’s not about being grateful, it’s about depreciating. (I’m) trying to get real assets. take care of my people

Nipsey Hussle

So if money is the root, I want the whole damn tree.

Dr. Dre

I tried to pay attention, but attention paid me.

lil wayne

Success is my idol and bankruptcy is my rival.

Big Sean

Some people are so poor that all they have is money.

chance rapper

Cash rules everything around me. CREAM, bring your money. Dollars, dollar bills.

Wu Tang Clan

The money tree is the perfect place for shade.

Kendrick Lamar

Everyone raps. We rap to make money. We do business. No record company has sold as many records as we do.

Tupac Shakur

We are playing a long game. We don’t want the money to stop when we go. When you can no longer work. We want it to outlive us and we want it to span generations.

Nipsey Hussle

Promise me you’ll gon’ stack, Promise me you’ll gon’ ball, you promise to invest three quarters of everything.


I started from the bottom and now I’m rich. I got into my bag and haven’t looked back since.

Iggy Azalea

I try to treat all the money I make as if it was the last time I could make it.


They say time is money, but in reality it is not. If we go bankrupt, time is all we have.

J Cole

Payday would be worth every bankrupt night I’ve stayed.

Big Sean

Let’s take the dough and keep it real zigzag.

Jay Z

A little floss, invest in mutual funds.

Busta Rhymes

Diversify millions of dollars and you can buy them in interest. Flood all your revenue streams and see where they go.


I think luck is the product of hard work.

Nipsey Hustle

You lose money chasing women, you never lose women chasing money.


Invest in the future and do not dilute your finances. 401k, make sure your risk is low, then get your real estate. 4.25% 30 year mortgage.

Kendrick Lamar

Mo money, mo problem.

Biggie Smalls

Stop buying things you don’t need. To impress people you don’t like with money you don’t have.

ice cube

My money in my heart and my money in my heart.

Snoop Dogg

There is no fresh energy in hip-hop, no at all. It’s driven by money, everyone wants to make the check, and nobody puts art on their albums anymore.

Andre 3000

If it doesn’t make me money, make me better, or make me happy… I can’t make time.

50 cents

Oh, as far as the result is an income, I think some win and some lose.


Having money is not everything, not having money is everything.

Kanye West

If I’m fake, you won’t notice that my money is the problem.

Nicky Minaj

I used to roll up: this is a hold, no fun. Don’t laugh, stay still, don’t move, money.


If you are a scammer, you need to find a place where you can use it and turn it into money.

Nipsey Hussle

I just save my money. I don’t even try to have fun like other rappers. They’re fun and lit up, but they’ll go bankrupt later. I’m saving, I’m calming down. It feels good that I got it, but it feels even better to know that I keep it.

lil baby

Hurry up because I want something better in life.

50 cents

I try to do the right thing with money. Save dollars here and there and cut coupons. Buy 10 Gold Chains instead of 20. Buy 4 summer cottages instead of 8.

LL Cool J

Making it yourself means making no excuses for not taking a single step towards whatever your goal is.

Nipsey Hustle

There should be no violence in hip-hop. You are getting clothes for free. It’s free by default.


You can’t buy it if you don’t buy it twice.

Jay Z

I don’t see it as wasting money when buying gold.

Big Sean

Money is what keeps you alive and healthy and keeps you focused. Drive. Passion.

travis scott

If you stop at general math, you will only earn general math money.

Snoop Dogg

Money is freedom. Money is a personal plane. Money is not a metal detector.

50 cents

Final Words About Rapper Money Quote

I think rappers, especially rappers who came out of nothing and are now rich and successful, can teach us a lot about money. Even those who quickly lose most of their new wealth can teach them the importance of managing their finances and not living more than their wealth.

Reading quotes about money from rappers, hip hop artists and musicians in general is a great way to get a different perspective on money, a side job and wealth. Of course, not all of us are as talented as them, but we all have to make money. These are great inspirational and motivating rapper money quotes that can help you set and achieve good financial goals in your life.

What is your favorite money quote from a rapper? How has it helped you get motivated and inspired? Share your thoughts below.



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