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45 Pet Niche Ideas for Dog, Pet, and Bird Lovers

Do you love everything about your pets?

Then you can write a blog about dogs, cats or rabbits and the related niches. From dog food, bakeries to dog training and dog walks, here are several topics to tackle.

You can monetize these niches by gathering training tutorials, e-book manuals, or promoting your own pet business. Pet businesses could deal with pet food, training equipment, dog walks, pet sitting services, or even medical help.

You can easily find great affiliate products to promote on Amazon and other relevant affiliate sites.

Some of the best pet niche ideas include:

  1. Specific dog breeds, for example Golden retrievers
  2. Dog food
  3. Clothes for dogs
  4. Canine health
  5. Dog care
  6. Canine training
  7. Dog walking
  8. Dog hunting training
  9. Disabled dogs
  10. Dog adoption
  11. Dog houses
  12. Dog rescue
  13. Breeding dogs
  14. Puppies
  15. Dog’s Toys
  16. Holiday costumes for dogs
  17. Best Dogs for RVs
  18. The best dog breeds for children
  19. Kittens
  20. True Dog Stories
  21. Dog friendly accommodations
  22. Specific cat breeds
  23. Scratching posts for cats
  24. Golden retrievers
  25. Specific bird species
  26. Bird houses
  27. Dog bakeries
  28. Cat toys
  29. Bird training
  30. Cat food
  31. Bird feeding
  32. Cat Health Care
  33. Aquarium care
  34. Specific fish
  35. Beekeeping
  36. Freshwater aquatics
  37. Assistance dogs
  38. Home remedies for dogs
  39. Rabbits
  40. Police dog training
  41. Best dog breeds
  42. The best dog breeds for girls
  43. Dog Product Reviews
  44. Whispering dog
  45. Pet Training Certifications

How to monetize a pet blog

To monetize your pet blog you can:

1. Run Google Display Ads by requesting it from Mediavine, Thrive Ads or any other premium ad management network.

2. Run a pet-related membership site and sell them your training courses, manuals, or other subscriptions to help with their pets online.

3. Run Amazon Affiliates by monetizing your blog posts with affiliate links to pet related products and earn a commission for every sale. You can sign up for the Amazon affiliate program here.

4. Offer sponsored posts on your content. Find brands to work with that are in the pet industry and start presenting your collaboration proposal.

5. Sell advertising space on your blog. You can sell ad space on your site to the brands you want to stand out, but you don’t have enough money for sponsored posts.

Read more about choosing a niche here.



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