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5 Apps I Use To Earn Income Online On AUTOPILOT! (with my Ecommerce Business)


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  1. ⏱️💰 "Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.
    " – Carl Sandburg

  2. Hey Sarah, I'M SO SUPER GRATEFUL for all your content!!! I'm advancing in design and life thanks to you, and I wish MUCH more success on your way! Thanks a lot in advance! I'm just going nuts about the taxes thing; as a Redbubble artist, should I worry about nexus/any other taxes in US and/or other countries? I know they already makes some taxes automatic for some places (mostly in US) but I'm having a hard time to understand, specially about other countries (since they deliver abroad, right?) or if they already cover that for all the places needed? This nexus thing in US and maybe other countries is scarrying me out! Thanks again! <3

  3. I just realized how different the NZ accent is compared to the Aussies. By the way, very good information here. I was wondering how to start a T-shirt/mug printing business like yours. Thanks!

  4. But who is sitting creating your article numbers, EAN codes, saftedata sheets, material descriptions, safety testing, assurance of organic material, secureing no child labour has taken place etc? That takes an insane amount of time to list a product in your or another companies assortment.

  5. Hi Sarah. Love your vids.
    It's my understanding that you can only use TaxJar's auto filing feature if you have a US bank account. Chances are not many int. sellers (selling to the US) will have this. How do you manage to auto file?

  6. You are definitely right about the Etsy platform and those similar to it, it is that much harder to sell because of the competition. I am seriously thinking about Shopify Sarah to sell my POD products and I do use Printful and Printify companies.
    I will need to look at more information on Shopify before I go ahead with it. Any personal recommendations or videos on how to begin and get started would be greatly appreciated.
    Thankyou for your informative short video Sarah.
    Much aroha from Brisbane

  7. Thanks Sarah, that kept me very busy … at least what I heard. I am Swiss and have a bit of problems with English. I worked something into it thanks to your help. Now I'm not sure about the pricing … should I display the price including shipping costs on Shopify or without it and at the end the customer will be charged the shipping costs on top … I'm not sure what is best, what is your experience? lg from Basel

  8. I wonder who the people are who make money with dropshipping nowadays. Me and a couple of friends tried it with different stores, everything was perfect, we invested a lot of money in professional marketing- zero sales after 6 months. Droshipping is so overly saturated and I know a lot of other people who tried and nobody made money. At the end the people who made sales didnt earn anything because they spent so much money in ads.

  9. This video is ment for people who DON`T need it.Tell me that you`ve learned anything as a beginner from this extremely annoying chatter-box bla bla bla shipment bla bla bla box ,conteiner bla bla bla…worst presentation ever.

  10. If my print on demand store products are already connected to Printful and customer tries to purchase a product, but at the moment that product is out of stock on Printful, how will I know that, so I can reach out to Printify for replacement? And will I be able to replace Printful in only one or a few specific products with Printify – instead of reconecting the whole store? Hope the questions makes sense. Thank you for your videos

  11. Great content! Does anyone know if Ted has any videos about herself? I'm super curious why she makes YouTube videos despite clearly making tons of money passively already – does she enjoy it (making videos)? What does she like to do to relax with all her time? I find her fascinating!

  12. Hi I'm just learning about this but i had a few questions. Ive watched several videos you have done so far and I was wondering since you have a lot of videos and seem to spend a lot of time doing them. Although it works to make lots of money. If I would start this would it consume my time or would I be able to make passive income and have time freedom? Thank you

  13. Amazing video thanks so much 👏🏼 About CM marketing – how do you do it with shipping if they already ordered and then use the code 72h later but the first shipment has already gone out? We have super fast shipping at our online store so that would be a „problem“ with double shipping costs

  14. I would be interested to know how Sarah's business model works? Sarah has no business registered in her name in NZ, I wonder if $365,000 + a year is turnover or profit? Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity!

  15. regarding the dropshipping from alibaba, i am sure a customer would get pretty upset buying the item through you, only too wait 30+ days and find out it was shipped form over seas. You would lose any future sales with that customer.


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