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5 Best Sites to Make Money Online by Watching Videos (Realistic Method)

Want to know the best sites to join to make money online by watching videos? The video will show you the top 5 sites. Full list:

There are many sites that you can join for free to earn money online by watching videos. But there are also a lot of misunderstandings about how exactly it works and what to expect. So in this video, I will make it completely clear what you can expect in terms of earnings from watching videos so that you can review it with the correct expectations if you decide this is for you. Then I will show you the top 5 sites you can join and watch videos for money and explain what other income methods these sites offer. Because to get the most out of the sites that pay you to watch videos, you have to combine it with the other earning methods that they offer, as the videos themselves rarely bring very high rewards. But a great thing about the method of getting videos is that you can watch unlimited videos and find videos within more or less any category. So it can be a fun and entertaining way to earn a little more. There are more great and legit sites you can join than the 5 I show in this video. You can check out the full list of the best paid sites to watch videos here:

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  1. Hi i am from New Zealand new subscribed here loved YouTube video and your honesty and views here are very good. I join casheo because you can earn points like surveys and watch video. From the sites of casheo of watching video; it will take to hideout tv earn points but when i transfer to redeem the points it will show link and picked the sites send your points too but when i do that on the site on casheo and my points is not there. what am doing wrong or do i have go do another account to transfer my points. can you helped me please.


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