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5 Misconceptions About’Limited Beliefs’ Sticking Entrepreneurs

Opinion expressed by entrepreneur The contributor is yours. My father didn’t want me. He left before I was even born. He didn’t want to be a father in the first place.

Logically, I know that not everyone wants to be a parent. Some people do not have maternal/paternal bones in their bodies. Or I believe they weren’t cut off for such tremendous responsibility. However, a child’s brain is not logical. In my opinion, it is summed up in these five words. My father didn’t want me.

And those five words have been changed to something else. Core beliefs that I have adhered to as an adult: I am not worth it.

Those core beliefs influenced my self-esteem. It got me stuck in a relationship with a toxic cycle. It prevented me from pursuing my dreams.

It wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I learned about “limiting my beliefs” and how to turn them into more positive ones.

So, what limits your faith?

Restrictive beliefs are beliefs, worldviews, or mental states that limit you in some way. They could be about you, others, or how the world works. They can prevent you from making decisions that prevent you from living the life you want.

Guess what it is? Most of us have some form of limited belief. Entrepreneurs are no exception! I’ve been helping entrepreneurs of all types of backgrounds build thriving businesses they love over the past 7 years. I’ve worked with Life Coach, Public Relations Specialist, Energy Therapist, Trauma Therapist, Designer, Dancer, Teacher, VA, Writer, Real Estate Agent, and more!

Almost everyone had to work through limited beliefs. There will be people who haven’t already done that mindset before we worked together.

I also found that there are some myths surrounding the idea of ​​limiting beliefs that make it more difficult for some people to get rid of them. That’s what I want to uncover today.

Misconception #1: They are just repetitive thoughts.

As I mentioned, restrictive beliefs are core beliefs. They are often deeply embedded in your psyche as a result of childhood or some kind of traumatic event. (Note: traumatic events are nothing It has a serious negative effect on you.) Yes, they can appear in your head in the form of thoughts and “voices” that tell you negative things about yourself you believe in. But they are more than that.

In fact, limiting beliefs are deeply rooted in yours, so it can be difficult to even recognize what they are. Gay Hendrix, for example, talks about the limiting belief of “the upper limit problem.” It is the belief that only a certain level of happiness is allowed in life. And when we feel that we have reached that limit, we destroy ourselves through things like self-doubt and procrastination.

Limiting faith is like poison ivy. You should not cut only vines. You need to go to the roots. Part of that is realizing that your core beliefs are not specific and broad. For example, you can hear yourself saying, “I’m not sure about business.” But if you dig deep enough, the real core belief I am not suitable. And once you realize that there are core beliefs, you’ll see how they affect every area of ​​your life, not just your business. It’s when you know you’re going somewhere!

Misconception #2: Simply turn it into a positive thought.

I wish this was true! It will make life a lot easier. If your limiting beliefs are just repetitive thoughts in your brain, getting rid of them would be as simple as thinking about other thoughts often.

But that’s not how it works. I’ve seen so many people give up because their limiting beliefs haven’t gone away even after repeating their positive affirmations for months. Don’t get me wrong. I think these things can help. But they are not a solution in themselves. Indeed, changing your limiting beliefs for good is a process that requires more time and effort. And it starts by going down to that core belief and reprogramming it first. After that, positive affirmations can do what they intended.

Myth #3: you can’t change them

Some people believe that limiting beliefs cannot be changed because they are part of yourself. That’s not true!

There is evidence that the brain is flexible and variable. Methods such as theta healing and hypnosis can be used to change the way synapses work. In other words, you can change the beliefs programmed into your brain. A book that deals with this beautifully Your self-changing brain (2007) Norman Doidge, Maryland

Myth #4: it takes a lifetime to change

This is not what I hear often, but I guess I have to fix it. Some people believe that if they have had a limited belief in their entire life, it can take that long to get rid of it. I 100% believe it takes time to change the limiting beliefs for good, but once I decide to do something about it, I don’t think I should be stuck in that belief for years or even decades.

Does it take your efforts to overcome your limiting beliefs and turn them into something that supports you without disturbing you? sure! But what type of change like this doesn’t work?

There are many methods and tools out there that can help you change your limiting beliefs. These include healing, hypnosis, and energy healing.

Misconception #5: people in your family can’t change

Another thing I’ve discovered is the belief that you can’t get rid of the limiting beliefs that your childhood or family has instilled in you. I think the reason is that your family knows you better than anyone else. You may know better than yourself. So if they tell you something about you it will be true!

The truth is that no one can tell you except yourself. And you can Choose What to believe.

Another factor in this myth is fear. As humans, we want to be loved and a sense of belonging. We are the only ones who believe that family members should accept and love us. However, there is a fear that if we change the way we believe or behave, our families will no longer provide a sense of belonging, safety, and love. We don’t want it!

What you need to remember in this case is that you can still be loved, safe, and accepted by throwing away any family beliefs that do not help you. And if letting go of toxic or restrictive beliefs eventually drives out toxic/restrictive people… It’s not a bad thing. In fact, the idea that sometimes you have to accept a harmful relationship with your family is a limiting belief that should be let go.

I believe this helps you think differently about limiting your beliefs. And the power you need to turn it into something that supports your big goals and dreams.

What restrictive beliefs are hindering you?

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