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7 real ways to earn money playing video games

Since my childhood I dreamed of a job where I could play video games all day and earn money from it.

Fortunately, my dream has come true.

Well! If you are an avid gamer and love to play video games all day, now you can turn this hobby into a full-time profession.

You won’t believe that you can now play online games for a living. In this article we tell you 7 ways to earn money playing all kinds of games.

Not all options will make you money, but if you choose any of the 7 and focus on it with determination, you can surely generate passive income.

earn money playing video games

So go through the list and choose the way that suits you best.

Make money playing online trivia games

Although playing Trivia Games online will not earn you enough money. However, it can be a great way to start.


In addition to paying to click ads, watch videos, and take surveys, Swagbucks also pays to play online games.

You can get started by playing free games that earn you your SBs (Swagbuck Point System). If you want to earn more money, you must join their “Pay to Play” program.

You can earn between $ .04 and $ .05 for every $ 1 you spend on games. You can deposit money into your GSN account and get started.

Inbox Dollars

Like Swagbucks, Inboxdollars also pay you to play. After depositing money into your account, InboxDollar will connect you to the WorldWinner account.

You can earn $ .01 – $ .04 for every $ 1 you spend.

You will also earn .5% – 2% cash back for every dollar you spend on cash tournaments.

Trivia HQ

You can also earn by downloading applications on your mobile phone. HQ Trivia is one of the most popular game apps right now.

On average, the headquarter fund prize is approximately $ 2,500. You have to compete in 12 rounds of Tricky Trivia for a chance to split the prize pool.

Some other online gaming sites that you can join are

Make money playing video games

If you don’t like to play trivia games online, you can play video games on your PC or a console like PS4 or Xbox.

Here you register on a website, download the software to your PC, select a game you want to play from the list and after achieving a certain goal you earn rewards or points.

For example, one of the most popular gaming websites,, rewards you with PlayVIG coins which can then be redeemed for real money and retrieved via PayPal.

You get paid to complete missions through the leader board.

Some of the games you can play are

  1. Fortnite
  2. Leguae of Legends
  3. Heart of stone
  4. Rocket league
  5. Supervision

1000 PlayVIG Coins = $ 1. Different games pay you differently. On average, you can earn between $ .30 and $ 3 per hour, depending on your gaming experience.

Another more popular gaming website is PlayersLounge. You play with other players online on PS4, Xbox One or on your PC.

PlayersLounge offers you a very competitive high risk high reward environment.

Some of his popular games are

  1. FIFA
  2. NBA
  3. Madden 19
  4. Fortnite
  5. PUBG

Here you have to pay an entrance fee to join the game. For example, Madden 19 charges $ 20 and the prize is $ 36, but the Fortnite entry fee is $ 2.5 and the prize is $ 4.5.

The maximum challenge amount that can be won is $ 500.

Join an eSports team / tournaments

Esports are for more experienced and skilled players. This is the only way to legitimately earn cash as a player.

The jackpot prize can be up to $ 1 million, starting at $ 100,000.

Epic Games’ Fornite paid out around $ 100 million to players this year. In 2017, Valve’s Dota 2 paid out more than $ 38 million in total prizes.

If you are among the best and best players, you will be able to find online tournaments that offer prizes for the winners.

Esports are open to everyone, you simply have to beat other players to prove yourself.

PC games like League of Legends, Overwatch, Dota 2, etc. have tournaments that give you a chance to earn extra money playing video games.

The money will be divided between you and your team members. Finding a group of skilled players for a team can be a difficult task.

You need to know your game inside and out and play hard to stay ahead of your competitors.

Gold farming and items

Gold farming is nothing more than buying and selling items for the type of in-game currency. This will allow you to grow your character and advance in the game.

You can find gold and sell it for real world money. This is called the cultivation of gold.

For example, if you are playing World of Warcraft, you can participate in raids and collect dropped items for sale and find gold along the way and sell them for real money.

Most gaming companies do not allow this practice and strictly prohibit it. However, some allow agriculture and encourage it.

The amount of money you can win depends on the type of game and the item you are growing.

However, the time required to farm gold can be too long. To give you an idea of ​​how to earn $ 1, you need to farm around 1000 gold. For $ 100 you need to farm around 300,000 gold.

Similarly, you can actively play and buy and sell items with a value between $ 5 and $ 20.

Play test

Game Testing is basically a quality control (QA) job where you check for bugs, recreate them, and report them.

Game testing jobs can be thought of as a side hustle because the money isn’t that great.

On average, a game tester is paid between $ 10 and $ 15 per testing session. A full-time game tester can earn around $ 15,000 (low-end) to $ 35,000 (high-end) in a year.

You can find game testing jobs on or Having a college degree really increases your chances of getting hired.

From the outside it looks easy, but from the inside, the game’s test work isn’t all that glamorous.

Live stream on Twitch and YouTube

I should have mentioned this at the top of the article because this is perhaps one of the most sought after ways to make money online if you love to gamble. However, not everyone can do this.

With the rise of live streaming websites like Twitch and YouTube, now avid gamers can broadcast to the world while playing games.

On Twitch, streamers broadcast to millions of viewers around the world.

You can stream videos on a daily basis and earn a lot of money if you have a large following. Just to give you an idea, the best Twitch streamers make over $ 500,000 per month doing this.

I’m not saying that everyone can make that much money, but if you can get thousands of views a day, you can earn hundreds of dollars a month.

However, to earn some money, your comment must be engaging and not a boring and slow monologue.

Create a blog, e-book, game guides, reviews, etc.

Finally, if you are a successful gamer and you know how to make money playing, you can share your experience with others by writing blogs, creating e-books, game guides, tutorials, etc.

You can also write critical reviews of a game and give an honest opinion to game lovers.

Once you start to get enough audience for your blog, you can monetize it with Google Adsense and generate income through ads.

Later, you can also sell e-books and tutorials to your followers and earn even more money.

You only do this when you have gained enough experience playing games over all these years.

So these were 7 ways to make money playing. Novice players can start with the first option in the article. As you gain some experience, you can move on to other ideas step by step.

Some other ways to earn money playing are

  1. Win Playstation Trophies – 1000 points can be redeemed for $ 10. This is exclusive to the US only.
  2. Sell ​​your account – You can sell your high value gaming account to other players.
  3. Play games on Steam – You earn boxes here and per box you can sell for $ .50.

Although the money from games is not that great, you can definitely make some extra money by having fun!



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