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CarBrain Review: A Legit Way to Sell Your Car Online?

If you’re looking to sell a car, you’ve probably heard of CarBrain. This company buys almost all cars.

So whether you need to sell a scrapped car, sell your current vehicle for cash and put it in another car, in any case, CarBrain is an option to consider.

In this CarBrain review I answer that question and much more. This post covers everything you need to sell a car to a company, whether you are flipping a used car for profit or selling your own used car.

What is CarBrain?

CarBrain is a company that has been in the automotive market for over 12 years.

It buys less than the perfect car from customers across the country.

In other words, whether it’s a car damaged in a crash or a truck with a broken engine, you can make money from your car by selling it to CarBrain.

The company says. “We make the process of selling your car fast, easy and safe.”

How can I sell my car to CarBrain?

Selling on Carbrain is very easy. Here’s how it works in 3 steps:

Step 1: Enter details about the vehicle

The first step is to visit the site. You can do it on the official website ( and fill out the form with some information about the vehicle.

CarBrain can provide immediate offers for some vehicles, or contact you with a guaranteed offer right after entering your vehicle details.

You can also get an offer today by calling CarBrain toll-free at 1-877-877-7911.

Step 2: accept the offer

If you like the offer, you can accept it. You have a maximum of 7 days to accept the offer and cannot be changed.

If you decide to sell the vehicle to the company, you must provide the keys, signed ownership and access to the vehicle. And if your ownership is owned by a lien, CarBrain can help you disclose ownership.

Step 3: get paid

CarBrain picks up your vehicle. We work with a nationwide network of partners to pick up cars. The company serves in numerous states.

You can visit this page to see if CarBrain serves your area.

On average, the company pays you and lets you pick up your vehicle 24-48 hours after you accept the offer.

Is Carbrain a legitimate company?

Yes. Carbrain is certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​and has an A+ rating. The company also received 4.66 out of 5 stars from BBB customers.

On Trustpilot, CarBrain has received 4.7 stars from customers, which are excellent ratings and more than 2,600 reviews.

The company is rated positively by BBB and Trustpilot.

Here are some of the positive reviews.

  • “They offered a fair price for the vehicle. I accepted. They gave me a check and it was hassle free at all, so I towed it. Thank you!”
  • “Of course use CarBrain! Do not hesitate. This is the second time I use the service and it went smoothly and easily every time! Prices are fair and will continue to recommend. Pay on the spot every time. Customer service started. Thanks again to CarBrain!!!!”
  • “It’s very easy to use and the quotes come out quickly. It’s a great way to launch cars that are no longer available.”
  • “Fast and easy process, I got a check the day I took over my car. Great company, great process.”

Carbrain FAQ

Here are answers to some common questions about selling with a company.

What does CarBrain do with the cars they buy?

CarBrain does not provide details on what exactly it does for the vehicle you have purchased.

The company may sell it for parts, tension to rebuild the car, or later sell this rebuilt car for a higher cost than the company paid.

Alternatively, CarBrain can sell scrapped vehicle parts, such as anything made from steel or aluminum, to a recycling company. Again, since CarBrain itself doesn’t tell you what to do with used cars, it’s a more commonly chosen route for used cars than for this particular company.

How much does CarBrain pay for a car?

You pay $100 to $20,000+ for cars with accidental damage or serious mechanical problems. Of course, how much you can get depends on the specific vehicle.

How do I pay for CarBrain?

Pay by check upon vehicle pickup or by mail if you choose this option.

Is CarBrain free?

Yes. This is a completely free car purchase service. The company pays for the car. And it will pick it up from you for free. CarBrain pays for pickup and towing and there are no hidden costs.

Basically, when you sell a car to a company, you pay it, not the opposite. You are responsible for any storage or repair costs incurred prior to selling your car to CarBrain.

What type of car does CarBrain buy?

CarBrain buys all types of damaged vehicles.

It specializes in buying “not perfect” cars, meaning cars with bodily damage, mechanical problems or excessive wear.

In general, you buy a car that looks like this:

  • sum
  • There is a mechanical problem
  • Broken
  • Parts car
  • Non-driving car
  • Junk/scrap car
  • Damage from falling objects

That’s why they also buy wrecked and damaged vehicles.

However, CarBrain doesn’t buy most regular cars that don’t have major mechanical parts like engines or transmissions.

However, you buy most cars that are missing parts such as:

  • bumper
  • headlight
  • radio
  • And other non-essential mechanical components.

Overall verdict

Overall, CarBrain is a legitimate company that makes it very easy to sell cars online. You don’t even have to leave home!

As you can see from this CarBrain review, the vehicle is worth selling to the company. Of course, when selling a used car, you should always look around and compare offers, but the company will definitely consider it!

Have you ever sold a car to CarBrain? If so, let us know your experience with the company in the comments section below.



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