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How I Make Money Online: 17 Ideas for Beginners

If you’ve been following my channel for a while, you might be wondering how I make money online. Totally legitimate question! I have been working from home full time since 2007. I have earned money from home in many different ways over the years. Today, I am sharing my experiences with you. Opportunities mentioned in this video: 1. Direct Sales –

2. Mystery shopping –

3. Amazon mTurk –

4th. Customer service –

4b. Full-time jobs –

4c. Employee positions –

5. Virtual assistant –

6. Independent writing –

7. Blog Wizard –

8. Fiverr –

9a. Data entry –

9b. Data entry alternatives –

10. Blogs –

Make money blogging –

11. Affiliate Marketing –

12. YouTube –

13. Sell books –

14. eBay –

15. Ebates –

Ibotta –

16. Swagbucks –

17. Legitimate surveys –

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DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and register or make a purchase, you may receive a small commission. This is at no additional cost to you. Regardless, I only recommend products and services that I truly believe would be of benefit to you. As an Amazon Associate / Influencer, I earn on qualifying purchases. While we believe that our job postings are legitimate, we do not offer any guarantees. Please do your due diligence before sharing any sensitive personal information with someone online. .



  1. Awesome presentation, Angie, I give you 5 stars! People beware if these jokers on FaceBook that say you pay them a certain amount from like 300 dollars to 5000 dollars and they will manage your training for bitcoin and you make 100 times in 7 days. What they do is send you to a website that shows your account and balance. The website contact is not at all transparent with a phone number nor mailing address. Then the next say after you gave your money and account set up they hold your withdrawal for ransom and ask you to pay a high broker fee comission …..Stay away from that crap!!! I have 900 dollars held in hawk like a pawn shop but I am filing reports with the FTC and SEC and hope this person does some prison time. I may even get a blow the whistle award. But if neither outcome happens is my reward that I share with enough people that he can't harm anyone else!

  2. I am very impressed by this valuable and informative video! You are so right when you say that many times we get into so much time with research that we might tend to rethink things over and over again until we actually decide to sit down and do it! My trouble in the past has been to go along with every shiny object out there and have wasted so much money on things that didn't pan out for me, or that took forever and a day to become successful in. Sighs….but I have learned not to repeat this bad pattern in my life. Thanks so much for giving us honest viewpoint and your wisdom on how to go about finding particular at home jobs, and how we might discover those particular skills and talents that are indeed what we've been reaching for! Thanks for sharing your experience and skills with us 🙂

  3. I notice you mention that you've worked for MTurks before I just started doing some research on the company didn't think it was legitimate I'm going to watch your videos regarding Turks. Would you suggest this company in 2019? Please advise, Thanks

  4. Thanks Angie for you valuable input in this space of work from home jobs. You mentioned secret shopper. Like you I have tried them as well, and they can be fun, but people need to be prepared to be very detailed when filling out he reports and the smaller communities may not have any at all. You also mentioned some great survey companies, but one of the ones I really like is Valued Opinions. I have found after being with them for over 5 years that they are the most reliable when it comes to surveys in my inbox. The points varies for each one but they add up quickly.

  5. Angie, I was wondering about the type of internet connection needed. I live in a rural area and have satellite internet, is that allowed with most of these online jobs?

  6. Hello again. Happy New Year! You mentioned that freelance writers are in demand. What would be the fastest way to get hired for one of those positions? Also, do you know the best way to get hired as an online proofreader or an online editor? Thank you.

  7. Hi Angie. I’d like to thank you for this info. I especially liked the comment on not overthinking things and if a job doesn’t work for you, move on to something else. I had to quit my full-time job and move to another state to care for an elderly parent. Not easy but I know there’s a lot of people out there in the same boat as I am currently in. Your videos and your blog have been very helpful to me personally. I worked as a bookkeeper and administrative assistant for my last position and hope to return to working in this area as the pay is more than that of customer service. In the mean time I take advantage of my local library’s FREE online learning resources to keep my skills current and learn new ones.

    On one of your previous videos you featured NexRep and Concentrix. I applied and received job offers from both. NexRep is a part-time customer service position which I can work late evenings into early mornings. I’m starting their training class soon. This position is ideal for me right now. Concentrix was not a fit for me. Thank you.

  8. Thanks for that Angie. I am relatively new to trying to do this thing as a means of supplemental support. I am working on getting a deal going on ebay to sell off some stuff I don't use much. I am still working at it. I was involved in the internet long ago back in the mid 90s. I was a webmaster at two seperate companies. Totally unrelated to this basically,but I am in a unique situation in that I am coming off an almost 20 year marriage that fell apart without me even doing anything. It was a long drawn out deal that is still dealing me lots of grief. But I'm in a strange situation that I can't really go to work because I have a congenital heart defect that makes it so I can't do certain things that are too stressful.And yes I know, I have been told by certain people that I have to do something. I know that. And with all my experience in computers there's bound to be something out there that I can do.


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