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How to earn extra money and supplement your income

Whether we need to pay the bills or just want a little extra cash, it’s always nice to have some additional sources of income to draw on. With the coronavirus not over yet, job security is a big issue for many, and times are tough.

The good news is that there are many ways to earn extra money, many of which are right under our noses. So why not tap into your inner successful entrepreneur and find out how to make extra money with some of these tips?

Become a creative freelancer

Put your creative talents to work and earn extra money freelancing. You can find many freelance websites full of people looking for writers, editors, web developers, copywriters, and graphic designers to help them complete their projects.

The job is extremely flexible and you can pay very well if you know how to attract and retain well-paid clients. The business may be slow to start, but once you’ve built your portfolio, you may start to get more work than you can handle.

Some of the best websites for freelancers include:

  • Upwork: Bid on the jobs you are most qualified for, provide great customer experiences, and accumulate quality reviews.
  • Fiverr: This is the best market in the gig economy. List your services here as packages, and buyers can buy directly without you having to bid. Initially, you need to rush for the first few orders, but once you have some rave reviews, you can start getting automatic purchases with little promotions.
  • Job boards: While marketplaces are great for getting your first clients, you may have a better chance of landing high-paying clients who are featured on job boards like Pro blogger, Flexjobs, etc.

Take online surveys

Completing consumer surveys is a convenient way to earn extra money without technical skills or qualifications. All you have to do is register with one of the many survey agencies out there and you can start working right away. Each survey can last from a few minutes to an hour, but you will be paid relative to the time required. Obviously, some surveys will not be relevant to you: for example, if you don’t ride a bike, most companies will not want to pay for your opinion on cycling accessories.

Also, keep in mind that most sites will require that you have completed a certain number of surveys before you can withdraw your earnings. It won’t make a fortune, but it’s an easy way to earn extra money that will add up over time.

Some of these survey sites include:

It’s worth noting that the survey field is full of scammers, so before signing up for a survey site, make sure they are legitimate. Look up reviews online, assess how long they’ve been around, and make sure their rates aren’t too outrageous. If it sounds too good to be true, it is!

Become an influencer.

These days, there are hundreds of thousands of people who make a great living being influencers online. If you have a large following on social media and a niche that you can speak about with some authority, you could turn those likes into extra money.

Businesses are in awe of the power of influencers and will pay you well to promote or review their products and services. So whether you have a passion for cooking, hair care, or video games, you could earn extra money talking about what you love.

Sell ​​your photography

Do you have a good eye for taking photos? Then turn this hobby into a source of income by listing your images for sale online. There is a massive demand for quality photos online, especially from websites that need images to complement their copy. There is no way to know for sure how popular your work will be, but you have nothing to lose by trying.

You can sell your photos on your own website or through marketplaces such as:

  • Shutterstock
  • fake images
  • Adobe Stock
  • Dream time
  • 123RF
  • iStock Photo among others

Become a UX tester

User experience (UX) is a big concern for businesses that want to make sure their apps and websites are easy to navigate. They need to figure out exactly what works and what doesn’t work well on the screen, and that’s where UX testers come in. It’s easy to work with, allowing you to earn extra money by simply browsing a few websites for a few minutes at a time.

Websites that will pay you to test websites include the following:

  • UserTesting
  • Sign up for the app.
  • Userlytics
  • TestingTime
  • UserZoom
  • Test my user interface

Become a social media manager

If you like connecting with people and enjoying your creative streak, this is a great side job to earn extra money. Although large companies almost certainly have their own dedicated marketing departments, smaller companies are always outsourcing these positions. You just need some social media intelligence and familiarity with the relevant industry. You may have to be on call to respond quickly to comments and inquiries, although this won’t take long once you get the hang of it.

Drive for Lyft or Uber

If you need some extra money but want to set your own hours, you should consider driving with Lyft or Uber. It is one of the best weekend jobs for extra money as you can work your usual hours. Your location and the periods you are willing to work will have an impact on how much you can earn, but overall, the job is available.

Take away food delivery

Restaurants have been hit hard by the coronavirus, so people looking for a culinary treat have flocked to apps like Deliveroo and UberEats. Again, it is a flexible job that adapts to any schedule. Don’t forget that you will often receive tips for excellent service as well.

Complete DIY tasks

If you know a toolbox, you can use your practical skills to help other people while making some extra money. Sites like TaskRabbit are full of people seeking help with various tasks and side jobs to earn extra money. You may be helping build furniture one day and gardening the next. The job is as flexible as you want it to be, and you may find something surprisingly satisfying.

Write a blog

Starting a blog is a great way to monetize your interests and connect with people. You can write about any topic that you are passionate about and that you know: nutrition, exercise, fashion, food, travel… the possibilities are endless!

The real trick to making money blogging lies in effectively implementing search engine optimization (SEO) in your copy. By implementing the correct keyword strategy, you can improve your search rankings and increase site traffic. Once you have an audience, you can start looking for page ads and affiliate marketing to start earning extra stimulus money.


We could all use some extra cash every now and then, and finding some lucrative hustle has never been easier. Try one of the ways suggested above, and who knows? You might even end up paying to do what you love.

Do you have any other cool ways to help supplement your monthly income? Share your favorite side activities with us in the comment section below.



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