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How To Make $400+/HR By Turning Your Talents Into A Side Hustle | Make Money Working From Home

Your talents are extremely valuable to others, even if you don’t feel like the best, because ultimately, who can say that you are no better than so-called professionals? In this video, you will learn how to earn money by turning your talents into a side hustle that you can do working from home. You may not have a nice car, store, or customer list, but if you have the talent and experience, your creative direction is valuable and you can charge a good price for it. Earning money and getting new businesses online has never been easier. If you are a college student, parent, or unemployed right now, by applying the steps we share in this video you will be in charge of your hourly rate. Whether you decide to charge $ 30 / hr or $ 400 + / hr, it’s all up to you! Companies large and small are always looking to outsource work that they cannot produce in-house. This is where creatives like you come in to help elevate the message, look and feel of your brands. Ultimately, it impacts your sales, which in return allows you to charge whatever rate you set. Best of all this is the work you can do from home, giving you the freedom and flexibility to build your own brand and business. If you are looking to start your own clothing brand, check out the free online training we have created at Ground Up Academy here:

Here are the resources we mention in this video to help you get started: Billing customers with Paypal:

Track your hours with the Hours Keeper app:

Build your portfolio website with WordPress for less than $ 4 / month:

Build your storefront and sell physical products (14-day free trial):

Organize your personal and business life with Start & Conquer Planner:

Or receive a free PDF copy directly to your inbox when you join the email list:

Launch Your Complete Clothing Business Online With The Ground Up Academy:

I hope you enjoyed this video, keep me informed of your progress or send me your questions by sending me a message on Instagram:

#howtomakemoney #fromthegroundup #sidehustle #wakeupandwin #johnxsantos #makemoneyonline #earnmoneyonline #sidejob #sidehustlesforcollegestudents #johnxsantos About this video: In this video we share a step-by-step plan showing how to earn money working from home. The creative field has a vast majority of possibilities available to talented artists. Be it graphic design, fashion design, photography or videography. As long as you have the talent and follow the steps provided in this video, you are on your way to making a lot of money. Best of all, you can get customers online, allowing you to earn money with people from all over the world. All you need is the right mindset, discipline, and unique perspective to get started. .



  1. I actually like to shop around the stores for clearance stuff and I like to put outfits together. I do this for myself and people always ask me where did I buy what I was wearing..I tell them its not one store or one outfit..I notice this is a great choice for people who need to save money. I am always telling someone why would I buy that skirt when it will be on clearance the following season. How can I start my own business in this in my house? Would love some ideas..thank you.

  2. Hi John, I am a shoe designer that lives in San Antonio. What side hustle would you suggest for me? I feel deadlocked. I released my first shoe but havent sold any😵 I feel myself spending so much time trying to look for gigs to feed myself, I feel like i dont have enough time for my shoe business. So how can I do what Im passionate about & still eat🍣🍹

  3. You have great energy keep up the journey your on and your passion is showing through perfectly. I believe everyone has a passion and should follow it through for the betterment of all. I council and motivate others to find and work towards the goals and dreams within. Keep it up!!!

  4. Thank you for this info! I really want to start my own clothing bizz. I know i can design origional things people want. Buttt i dont know where and how i would sell it. That keeps me from starting. What is your advice? Much love

  5. I'm about to be in the local mall in albuquerque New Mexico I'm going to be setting up at a kiosk to drive sales and see how that works out for me I have don't some fle market vending but the demographic is different from the mall where people go to spend money so thats my next route from more exporser thanks John and I was think of what your tech pack would look like for that basket ball bag your created its supper fire brah keep killing it I'm keep watching

  6. the video is very insight full I do like how you look at things from the right perspective….also Im attending Agenda and Magic show in auguest next month and I have been watching you for wile and your growth is amazing I like how your helpful also like to feed free knowledge and thanks from TABA Apparel


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