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How To Make A Living As A Manga Or Comic Creator (Make Money Selling Your Books!)

Hello everyone! Today I talk about one of my most frequently asked questions. “How can I earn money as a manga or comic writer or artist?” Of course, for any author, being able to earn money from their stories is the ultimate dream. Any writer would love to be able to create something every day and earn a living from it. So today I want to answer this question and talk about the ways you can ultimately get stable funding with manga and comic book creation! 😊 First of all, I talk about the three main methods of publishing manga and comics, and how to make money with each of those methods. I’m talking about online publishing (webcomic style), desktop publishing, and traditional publishing. From there, I talk about the ways you can combine different methods to become a full-time mangaka or comic creator. I talk about the ways you can promote your book for readers to see, how to make it attractive to a potential buyer, and how to market it to your target audience. With these tips, you will soon be on your way to being a successful manga or comic author! 1:23 – Online publishing (upload as Webcomic) 4:40 – Desktop publishing 8:50 – Print on demand services (how to use them) 10:22 – Traditional publishing (publishing in a company) 12:07 – Combining methods for Make a living SUBSCRIBE to learn how to turn your manga into a masterpiece! Want to learn more? Check me out on my other social media pages, for updates on my own ‘Have Faith’ manga and fun tips for you to try on your own projects. Instagram:




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  1. Thank you this video really helped me. Im halfway way there getting my volume 1 done for my comic book called Chroniclez Journeyz digitally copy rights of Sava-Nation Designs . I would love for you to check it out when done.

  2. I've had my manga story in my head for over a decade, I'm finally making a start on it. Very new to screen tones and paneling but I'm about 6 pages through so far. Your advise has been really helpful.

  3. Midnight, you're a baller! 😀 This was helpful and informative, thank you for your tips! I enjoyed this one very much!

    My day job is not that creative, the hours are long but flexible in terms of days and also pays very well enough.. And still, I just can't stop thinking about quitting, exploring what's out there, and ultimately making the leap to being a full time freelance artist. Then self-publishing as many book as I can. Isn't it crazy? Am I going to crazy?


    Wait, the background music is 'Path of the Wind' from Totoro, isn't? Awesome taste in music I can tell..

    P.S.: There was an belgian comic and later cartoon series in the 80s called "Les Schtroumpfs" or "The Smurfs" in lot of other countries by a belgian artist named Peyo. Well, I'm just bringing it up because your eye color reminds me of the classic Smurfs blue color. It's a very beautiful color and very very pretty eyes all together!! Or, I wonder, how would YOU describe the color of your eyes?

    Take care and best regards, Dan!

  4. I just found out about your channel and I've watched all your videos. They are too good. You cant ignore those thumbnails men. This channel is lit👌👌👌

  5. Can you do this with a light novel as well, I will create the format and cover first so you won't forget your ideas. Trust me I had forgotten so much of my ideas that I lost count and I got back my roleplay hobbies to cheer me up but to be honest my hobbies are distractions. Goblin Slayer did that before….


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