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How To Make Money on Pinterest – Free Pinterest Course!

Learn how to make money with Pinterest in 2021! 🚫NO SALE OFFER ✔️100% FREE! ✔️NO fluff ✔️NO BS ✔️ More FREE workouts linked in description! Part 2 is here: can you make money with Pinterest? Absolutely. But, most people get the marketing strategy wrong because they are trying to cut corners. The truth is that shortcuts cause long delays. Very quick, the tool I used in the video to make pinterest pins quickly is snappa:

Okay, now you are about to learn the correct way to earn income with Pinning, here! The first key is to realize that it’s not just about getting traffic from your Pins, but building bridges from Pinterest topics to your blog posts, your email list, and your offers. The video covers the entire pin marketing strategy, but to execute the strategy properly, you need to have a few key fundamental pieces in place. First, you must have a blog, as pins are gateways or bridges to your deeper dive content. If you don’t have a blog yet, this free post will show you how to set up your blog so that Google will fall in love with it.

Of course having a blog with no content means you have nothing to anchor … So you need to learn how to write money making blog posts as explained in this video: Now if you don’t understand how to affiliate Marketing works, you should see this video below: And if you haven’t found your niche, you should follow this process here:

That’s all the basics to making money online and honestly making money fixing REQUIRES you to understand ‘how the game works’, which is why all the links above are so relevant. Now in the video I mentioned that you will need to have a lead magnet and an autoresponder built in to execute your pinterest marketing strategy. Here you can learn how to quickly create a high converting lead magnet that works for your pins – this is the key to making money online, whether you are using Pinterest, blogging, YouTube, or any other source of traffic. Growing your audience is the first main goal of your Pinterest marketing efforts. Converting these audience members and Pinterest subscribers to your email list is the long-term goal because then you have a marketing channel where you can stay in touch with these visitors who expressed interest for long periods of time. Then it is through email marketing where you present your offers, whether they are affiliate offers or your own products or services. I call this the ATM strategy and if you are unfamiliar with my ATM strategy, I highly recommend watching this video below: Most people who fail with Pinterest marketing and make money online don’t have the strategy correct. They understand the tactics, but when the tactics don’t reflect a proven strategy, nothing will work in the long run. If you want to get my whole Pinterest money-making strategy in blog format, go here:

I hope this is helpful to you with your online business and I wish you all the best of success in your pursuit of profit. Miles Beckler.



  1. Be sure you copy and save the text in the description of this video. I link to ALL of my free trainings and free tutorials on YouTube that teach you the specifics in how this all works!

  2. Thank you! It doesn't make sense that these super affiliates are charging so much in courses when they make plenty of money in other affiliate products. I dont have the money to invest so I'm investing my time to learn from scratch. I'm trying to learn how to use pinterest

  3. lol, I also have to keep in mind to watch the entire video before asking questions of which you give the answers, lol… very informative and so helpful!! Thank you!!

  4. Hello Miles. Do have a question for you. When you first are starting out with a blog (as I am and haven't a clue) when adding in affiliate links etc., does that mean that you have to say something about them or that it is something that I need to actually have used or known about? I am just having a very hard time understanding the whole concept of blogging. I do have a niche of something that I am very much interested in as well as something of a craft/hobby that I enjoy, but don't know what really to talk to someone about to keep them interested enough. Complete newbie to the blogging!!!

  5. God damn Pinterest, God damn the evil souls of Pinterest founders. Pinterest Stoke all my best videos to use as click bait. Pinterest use my face picture to get my thousands of viewers to Pinterest. Then Pinterest blocks my own video. God damn Pinterest. When the thief is caught, he will pay back seven times. God damn Pinterest. They will pay me back seven times for stealing my best videos. God damn Pinterest founders. We pray in Jesus Christ name, AMEn.

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  7. Dear teachers
    My pinterest ads account was created for one more years. If I willbe use this old pinterest ads account to Run paid ads, i want to ask does this one more years created pinterest old ads account can be affected traffic,click and conversion is whether good or bad?

  8. I have not started waching his vedeo but you just benssion a word that i will no forget.. (you dont need my money) thank you for that i wonder why culd people be so rich and still they want people to join there progrqm with money is that not brain less


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