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How To Make Money on YouTube With Kids Channels in 2020

If you’re freaking out due to the new COPPA and FTC regulations and the demonetization of your YouTube channel for kids, this video is here to help. I give you 9 tips to be able to earn money with your Children’s Channel in 2020, when the new regulations are enforced. Don’t give up on your channel yet, there is hope. 📺Subscribe to my channel and get more great tips ➡️Share this video: ➡️David Walsh is an expert in video marketing, information marketing, building high-end membership sites, and product launches. If you’re looking to drive traffic to your business with YouTube, check out David’s tutorials to help you improve. If not, check out David’s tutorials to help you create a better YouTube channel for more viewers and subscribers. ✅Be sure to bookmark, bookmark and share this video and subscribe if you have not already done so in 🎬Other videos to watch: ➡️How to enable custom thumbnails ➡️How to schedule video uploads ➡️YouTube subscribers: how to become a subscriber of YouTube Link 🕰SCHEDULE Videos are uploaded every Tuesday. Make sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell to be notified when the videos are posted. // Other great resources:

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  1. My question: I created my channel which is related to artwork. My channel is not monetized. If I want my video is made for kids, then I will get more views. But Can the watch hour of my video add the watch hour of monetization?

  2. There are also communities out there, too, on Instagram and Facebook to help answer specific questions. There are many kid channels that are still growing, you can find creative ways to help grow your platform for YouTube off of YouTube.

  3. None of the regulations even make sense. I know teachers and parents who can't even keep their kid's educational sites. How in the world-saving a kid's channel is wrong is beyond me.

  4. Thank you. My YouTube channel is new so not many views or subscribers as yet. However a video I marked as for kids is getting the most views. As my income comes from drawing viewers off of YouTube to my website, I don't use YouTube advertising. I might make more, or even all content from now on children's suitable. I may even take my for adults fine art channel and change that to a children's channel in the future. I don't need YouTube's advertisement money.

  5. Tip number 1, leave YouTube. Income earned from a 'KIDS' video with 300.000 views is $20. This is why all the 'KIDS' producers left the site. Your title is a tad off the subject, but hey clickbait is where it's at.

  6. Hey my channel has always been small with only 14 subscribers, can you please PLEASE!WATCH MY CONTENT AND GIVE ME ADVICE?sorry if its a lot to ask but I really need help, youtube has been my dream for years!I don't want to give up so early. 🙁

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