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How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos (Weird Niche)

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In this video, I share with you not only how you can start making money from YouTube using a strange niche, but also how you can outsource the entire process and pay other people to make the videos for you. This allows you to make money on YouTube without making videos. My goal is to share strategies on how I make money on YouTube without making videos with you and help you do the same. If you really want to make money online, check out my course! See my playlist of videos showing how to make money on YouTube without making videos:

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  1. In order to make great meditation videos you have to know something about meditation techniques and at least have some life experience with mindfulness. I don't think people should just go make these videos just because other people make good money from them. You're in the business of helping people through some kind of suffering or anxiety, so that takes a certain maturity and responsibility.

  2. If he says he has a 1mil play button then why does he not have one on the channel that he actually puts work into In stead of out sourcing it to people that do a better job then he does

  3. So we get paid by simply getting someone to do the video for us? Really – I've read some other comments (in other platforms ) how it shouldn't be done due to a result of breach. Unless someone could pretty much tell me (explain briefly) on how about to do this as I'm so new to this. Great video but didn't get much out of it besides the last 5 mins or so


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