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How To Make Money Online In Nigeria For Students

I made this video as a guide for Nigerian students looking to earn money online. This video is based on a blog post I wrote here ✅

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This is meant to be a comprehensive guide for students looking to earn a living from their immediate environment and not be dependent on their parents or fellow students. Financial independence is something almost every student yearns for and I took my time to show you how you can practically take advantage of the many opportunities that exist in your immediate environment as a student. In my previous video on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria, I explained a unique method, but this video here goes much deeper and explores various ideas to get you to the top much faster. In a third world country like Nigeria, I have been advocating the need for young people, especially students, to focus on the strategy of making money online as a means of escaping poverty on earth. My goal is to practically take as many people as I can by the hand and show them how to do what I do and practically make a living online. These are methods that allow you to work from home or from the comfort of your bedroom. Strategies that allow you to focus on your studies as students. Most of these methods are things that I have tried myself or people I know personally. These methods will definitely put money in your pocket as a student and help you build a career or business that you can scale beyond your student days. This is definitely a must read if you really want to make money online in Nigeria. FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL NETWORKS

————————————————– ————————————————– —— ABOUT ME I have been introduced more than once as an experienced web developer, India trained ICT expert with various international IT certifications including Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Microsoft Certified Professional ( MCP), Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) from the US based EC-Council plus and ITIL certification from the UK government and more recently , a Google Certified Digital Marketer. The one I like the most is being called an Internet entrepreneur because it comes with vouchers. My goal is to show you how to earn that title by making real money online. .



  1. Hey man I have always love your videos and it has really helped me a lot. I just found a site and its really paying but dose not support people from Nigeria except South Africa so pls how can i get you on WhatsApp? so i could Share the site with you and as well learn lot from you.

  2. Helo bro, am also a youtuber from nigeria with over 2k subscribers. My revenue is almost 100dollars on youtube and am confused on some process to get it. Please drop your contact email for me i need some guidance.
    My number is 08189728398. Please message me

  3. Good evening sir , I am young boy age 16 , trying to earn money but I dont really have any skill like no skill at all please help me , I have subscribed and watched allll your videos but I am still finding it difficult.please help me, this is my WhatsApp number 08183614647 if you don't want to drop yours


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