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How To Make Money Online With Clickbank And FREE Traffic! (Step By Step)

Clickbank’s tutorial will reveal to you how you can sell products using free traffic! How to make money online and get that money from Clickbank! This is the only affiliate marketing video you need. ClickBank Full Training + Mentoring 👉

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This video shows you how to make money online with Clickbank. However, you will need a website and that could cost you a bit of money. That would be the only thing you would have to pay because this source of traffic is free. First of all, what is Clickbank? it’s a place where people upload products and then you promote them for a commission. To do this training you would need to purchase website hosting and I highly recommend using Bluehost. Once you’ve set up a website, go to Clickbank and search for a product to promote. In this video we choose an edge product. When it comes to getting money from Clickbank, you need to make sure you use high converting free traffic. Now in this beginner’s tutorial, go ahead and create an article for your Clickbank affiliate marketing website. Once done, upload it to your Clickbank website. Now you need to search for a keyword research tool and start finding keywords to rank for. Making money online with Clickbank is easy when you have the right keywords. You need to make sure you match the correct affiliate marketing keywords to the correct Clickbank product. You can find the best products in the Clickbank marketplace. How These Videos Help You Learn How To Make Money Online! This is the best Clickbank video for beginners in 2019! 💵 FREE TRAINING VIDEOS! Clickbank for beginners:

* You can assume that I will receive a commission for anything you recommend. All representations of income or earnings are aspirational statements only and results are not typical. There is no guarantee that you will receive the same results or any results. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic. These videos are for educational purposes only. .



  1. Hi Franklin When i short my affiliate link all of websites suspend my account and detect spam and delete my promote !! what i do? how i can short my link do not detect spam? help me please

  2. I was wondering how do you deal with upsells on clickbank and can you get into the profit zone? When you bring a customer to clickbank you get a commission but clickbank will pull your customer into the profit zone and make thousands of dollars off them when you only get the original commission.

  3. Franklin, serious question: so I need to make a separate website with a blog for every niche? What if the niche sucks? Start a new one and still paying for that old domain and hosting?

  4. What is the better program to get for someone who is experienced in sales over the phone but nor on drop shipping, ecommerce or Affiliate Marketing. Which course should I get? Thanks for you help. I appreciate it!!!

  5. Hey man I’m in your free course on the 3rd day
    Lets say for example that I promote your free trial in the email
    How do I know how many of the people I sent the email to signed in for the free trial in order for me to send them the first lesson the next day? And what do I get for promoting you ?

  6. Franklin, I'm ready to buy E Com Elites (Premier?). Just a quick question. I'm not a web designer or Landing Page Designer. Do you have info on your course on how to do that? I'm getting my domain tonight. Please let me know. Thanks a million!!!

  7. Good stuff Franklin, my partner just signed up for the ecomelites course (premium) and we are going to hopefully work on it together, hopefully we can get a little nz specific information along with it.

  8. Hey Franklin, thank you for the great content that you provide on a daily bases. I just signed up for the ClickFunnel trial using your affiliate link. My question is: what do I do now, in order for me to take advantage of your program/partnership? I just send an email to you with a screenshot of my screen, showing that I have signed up. Do I have to do anything else or I should wait for you to respond and send me the links to your program?


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