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How to Sell Digital Art and Make Passive Income 💰

I will share my favorite methods to earn passive income online by selling digital art. Passive income is a great way to make it possible to be a full-time artist or earn a little extra money from your digital art. ► My online money making tips playlist: ► Subscribe to my channel for more money making tips:

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  1. @Aaron Rutten: At 3:05, if I were to buy wallpaper art on Gumroad, and then use it on my youtube video (1 hour documentary), how can I assure that the artist or company involved will not give me a copyright strike sometime in the future? Do I get a legitimate serial # that gives me immunity to copyright issues? I know automates this process, but do these other websites do the same? I'm asking because Storyblocks does not have certain art styles I need (gothic/dark/custom). Thanks!

  2. I have a question if its say a Disney Character or any kind of copyright… what are the rules? in other words, I drew a picture of a Disney Princess. Or someone draws a coke can. What are the limits? (finishing the video up.. i'll edit if you already say in the video) thanks!

  3. Hey man I just watched your video and I can’t find you on Twitter I’d like to get a little more info on selling physical art such as drawing, also is gumroad limited if your only device is an iPhone or do you need a tablet or computer?

  4. tysm! I love seeing ppl creating digital artworks and I would like to do that myself too, since there is no other job that really fits me and my interests. I never drew anything digitally yet, but I'm about to learn.

  5. Hello Can you help me with being able to find a site i can make a page on to sell digital art (not fiverr) i am trying to make money but can not find a comfortable sight

  6. What do they mean, for the stock royalty market, when they ask for a model release or property release document? I would be uploading file images of all my paintings. This has intrigued me so thank you! I suffer from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder so I am unable to work outside of my home. So this passive income really has given me hope! Thank you and hope to hear from you with the two things I needed clarification on, model and property release document for uploading images of my art….


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