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How to Sell Drugs

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Ever wonder how to sell $ 100,000 worth of medicine in a week? We learned the secrets of a drug dealer in New York, a man who will deliver any substance you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He told us everything from where he gets his meds to how his crew operates. Join us as we take a look at the dangerous life of a New York drug dealer. Take a look at “Teen Heroin Epidemic”:

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  1. Gotta respect the fact that they are earning money and doing it smart. People are going to do drugs regardless. I think they should legalize everything including heroin and cocaine.

  2. He not clearing 60k a week off that little ass amount of weed he still not able to sell weight consistently he got dubs bagged up and niggas coming buying dubs only from him …….. he broke af frl

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  4. Before i clocked on this video i was like what if this is a trap that makes the police think we are trying to sell drugs lol ( i dont have drugs I’m. A kid)

  5. Tho buying pure smuggle drugs from Tho buying pure smuggle drugs from VegasBeast on telegram is safe discreet 1 to 2 day delivery and secure yet we still need street vendors for it where are they?


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