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How To Start A Youtube Channel And Make Money !!

► My simple step-by-step guide on how to start a YouTube channel and make money! You will learn everything you need to know to start your own successful YouTube channel the right way and earn money in simple steps! ►►SUBSCRIBE and LIKE today’s video and activate notifications for new videos –

Welcome to Pan TheOrganizer, a YouTube channel designed to help you improve different aspects of your life! Many of my viewers have asked me to produce a video showing them how they could start their own successful YouTube channel in simple, easy steps. ►In this video, you will find: – How to start a successful YouTube channel – How to start uploading videos to YouTube – The basic equipment and editing software you will need to record and edit your videos – How to make money from your channel ►These are the basic steps: 1) Create your Google account:

2) Go to and log in. 3) Give your YouTube channel a name and click “Create”. On your channel’s main page, edit your channel’s layout and thumbnail. 4) Upload videos to Youtube. ►To start making money with your YouTube channel, here are three easy steps to follow: 1) Open an AdSense account:

2) Join affiliate programs like:

3) Get sponsors. All the details will be explained in this entertaining video! Enjoy! If you liked this video, give it a big thumbs up and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel and check out all my other videos. Leave your comments and questions below, I reply to all my viewers every day on YouTube! 🙂 ►List of all the equipment I use to record my Youtube videos:

Hurley Mower Music:

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