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Make Money Answering Questions On JustAnswer | Make Money | 1000 Ways To Make Money | E23

Learn how you can earn money answering questions on JustAnswer Welcome back to the 1,000 Ways To Make Money series. In this episode, I’ll show you how you can start making money by answering questions on JustAnswer right now. This is a very simple way to earn money online. All you need to do is answer questions on the JustAnswer website based on your expertise. Most people think that you need to be a doctor, lawyer, accountant, or in such a field to make money answering questions, but you don’t. Whether you know about computers, software, cars, home repairs, dogs, etc., you can start making money now. Get started now in JustAnswer:

1000 Ways To Make Money is a series that I do on YouTube. It is based on new and creative ideas on how to make money (online and offline). Many videos start out as a quick side activity (or a work from home), but can turn into a real full-time business (I’ll show you how to start a business). Read more about how to make money answering questions:

SideHustle is a website you can go to for help and resources to start your own business or to follow-up activities. I have created this website to help you earn money quickly and have made every single process easy. All SideHustle resources are free and there to help you. #MakeMoney #MakeMoneyAnsweringQuestions # 1000WaysToMakeMoney Have questions about making money, doing business, starting a business, or making money online? Ask me in the comments below. If you found this video informative, don’t forget to SHARE IT! About me: My name is Satish Gaire and I am an Internet Marketer. I have earned passive income online, selling products. I make YouTube videos to help entrepreneurs. On my channel I talk about business and life advice. Look at my channel –

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  1. Yes indeed "JustAnswer" is a scam and they took me for $80 dollars and did not even answer my question!
    I hope the Better Business Bureau will look into these frauds, stealing from the elderly or anyone else.

  2. I just took over my 87 year old father's finances after the death of my mother to find a reoccurring charge of $46 monthly on his credit card. My father had no idea how he "subscribed" all he knew was he was offered an answer to how to retrieve a lost email password for $1. I contacted Just Answer and they said they would look into this and get back to me in 24 hours. That was 6 days ago. I'll repost after contacting state agencies regarding elder abuse in this matter.

  3. Anybody actually have any experience acquiring revenue through this system? This is in a market naturally filled with some upside down type characters so its imperative in any income generating endeavor one does not fall into the goo of the scam

  4. I was with JustAnwer / Pearl helping people diagnose & repair their HVAC, heat and air system , water heaters etc.I helped hundreds of people and saved some thousands of dollars when they repaired their boilers that were condemned as obsolete, 4 to 8 hrs a day every day I made about $1000 to $1500 a month, I received many letters of thanks and tips as well, the tips are called a "bonus" and JustAnswer takes 50% of that, which is not legal normally, they walk the line but keep it on the edge of legitimacy, I will refer you to the BBB / Better Business Bureau , JustAnswer touts a a rating which seems great, it means that everyone who files a complaint is not ignored, what they don't tout is that since their inception there has been a "problem" with customers being enrolled in a monthly deal unknown to them, it is tricky how they detail the setup but what happens everytime 9 of ten or more times there is a complaint it is for being billed for months of service when they never knew they were enrolled and would be billed a varying amount according to how much you spent the 1st time, generally I saw $60 a month apor so, if it gets bigger than that someone would probably notice and read their statement which many do not and only discover this after a year or two or more! For a website with 10,000 experts you would think that not signing up customers without them being aware of that would be easy.
    If they did this their profits would be greatly reduced, there is nobody to share that money with since no questions were asked requiring an experts response, it is pure windfall profits for doing nothing! Why would they fix that when they can blame it on the customer every time over many years like their is no way to fix that and since they deal with people who go through the hassle they refund some , up to 3 months, but many are years old and they are out of luck! The BBB rating is not as great as it seems.
    Use a pre paid debit card with a small amount of money on it so nobody can tap into it monthly afterwards! this is critical if using JustAnwswer!
    Another problem is their Terms of Agreement, their rules in other words, experts are encouraged to answer questions they get as well as questions other experts have responded to however were not accepted, if you have something to add to the response then you are encouraged to help out since that is the goal allegedly, to help the customer!
    Well I was very good at answering questions and them being accepted as well as being accepted by questions other experts had responded to but not been accepted by the customer for whatever reason, this was about 1/3 of the money I made plus it was an ego boost to be able to help out when others could not I suppose, in any case it is encouraged, the problem is the expert that was not accepted feels you (a new expert) are a threat now to him and got to go!
    I was openly harassed by the HVAC "mentor" for "stealing" his money and warned to not do it any longer, since this was about 1/3 of my money and the rules encouraged me to do so since the customer was helped, I kept doing it. He abused the peer review system colluding with several other embedded sub par experts to peer review me badly, the admin does not know technically the subject so when the embedded sub par expert told a customer to wire his motor a certain way that I saw was going to fry the motor I stepped in and said do not do this and gave the correct way to do it which the sub par expert pointed to his thousands of questions accepted vs my relatively few and they went his way and fried out the motor instantly, you would think my expertise would have been appreciated by JustAnswer but nope.

    Another huge problem is any disgruntled sub par expert who wishes to harm a new experts ratings simply has to make a fake account posing as Joe Blow and rating the new expert who is "stealng" his money, badly for no reason which takes a 100% rating to a 90% rating since there are not hundreds of questions answered yet, a new expert ratings can be harmed easily enough to end up being fired and nobody there knows the subject technically or cared or smart enough to use reasonable deductions and critical thinking since it does make sense if you slow down and actually grasp the situation, the embedded sub par experts insure that nobody better or more experience or education lasts there regardless of how excellent you have done minus the unreasonable fake troll accounts designed to harm you're ratings and get you booted off! They also use them to pad their ratings, The same expert who knew the game so well and got me booted pads his ratings with fake accounts but 1 in particular
    became obvious to me because the guy allegedly a home inspector would ask Billy how old a furnace or water heater was, this is in the serial # and is simple to know once shown that the date is in the serial #, this alleged home inspector "Greg" rated Billy EXCELLENT every time and he does this 3 to 5 times a week over years! and he has the account on an unlimited setup so padding his stats only costs him $60 a month ! So he abuses it both ways to rid expert who are better educated , trained, more experience, and to pad his sub par % rating.

    because I noticed a pattern in reviewing his questions since he was at war with me I was reviewing his stuff too and that's how I knew ultimately one time when I was being set up by that expert! Most other experts liked me ,a few warned me about getting "Billy" mad at me, one told me I was being baited and set up , that Billy guy was ask a question and make it a $30-$40 question to lure me in then rate me badly! This made me scared to answer a few questions after that and one night I saw a question for $50 about a " TOYOTOMI " heater, I immediately knew that was Billy because the day before Billy had a guy ask him about a TOYOTOMI furnace and Billy remarked about how rare they were in the USA, which I agreed since I never saw one in 30 years until I saw Billy's question yesterday! So today after being warned about the way I was being setup I knew 90% that was Billy,, it is implausible this person was legitimate and if they become obtuse and angry and rate me badly for nothing he is obviously Billy! So I went to the JustAnwer admin "Pam" and told her the situation, I said if I respond to this guy and he becomes rude angry and rates me bad for no reason I don't want my % rating affected by it ok?? since nobody was jumping on it which was also not normal since any $50 question did not sit there unanswered for long at all ! this one was ignored long enough that I contacted admin before hand and surprise the guy was rude, obtuse angry and rated me badly! lolol I referred to him as William, casually, to let Billy know he was known by me, this really incensed him too lolol!
    I was constantly peer reviewed by Billy and refused to accept it since their own TOA encouraged my answering any unaccepted questions if I have something to contribute to help the customer and be accepted / paid! I continued doing this which was looked at as my being a rule breaker somehow! I was fired for a bogus charge! I was 100% anonymous and nobody could have contacted me and I had zero way to contact them however they fired me for
    allegedly trying to make a side deal with a customer.
    That month I had many bonuses paid and was doing great minus the Billy stuff, which I referred to thinking someone surely would see he was manipulating the system to make it his own sub par expert network.
    Look at the complaints at consumer affairs and BBB, every one of them,almost, is related to billing for additional services and being enrolled unknowingly to a monthly setup that allegedly gives them "unlimited" questions per month for $65 a month for example which does not add up because questions were at least $15 and usually $25 to $50 +, HOW COULD THE EXPERTS BE ASKED UNLIMITED QUESTIONS EVEN AT $15 EACH WHEN THE SUBSCRIPTION WAS $65??
    Easy! 99% of all subscribers have no idea they are subscribed ! So that could rarely happen, and when it does in rare cases they have to impose a 15 to 20 question limit on the unlimited setup lolol.
    They have never fixed their setup to not enroll everyone in a monthly billing setup, why would they when much of the windfall of cash would stop flowing,, and many never read their statements and a $60 a month charge is not noticed ever , its just money for doing nothing as long as nobody notices it going on and then they only refund 3 months at maximum! walk the line and keep it legal,


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