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MAKE MONEY AS A SMALL YOUTUBER – Learn How To Make Money Online (2020)

Learn how to make MONEY as a little youtuber with my personal sources of income as a youtuber ✰ Video summary ✰ In today’s video, I mention what everyone thinks as a little youtuber and that is to monetize your content. So at the end of today’s video, you will learn how to make money as a little youtuber using multiple sources of income by making money online. Now as a little youtuber or new youtuber, you can make money on YouTube fast in 2020. ✰ Featured apps and websites ✰ ➢ Printful:

➢ Teespring:

➢ Shopify:

➢ Beacons:

➢ Depop:

➢ Poshmark:

✰ My YouTube team ✰ ➢ New camera:

➢ Oldest camera:

➢ Camera tripod:

➢ Camera lens n. 1:

➢ Camera lens n. 2:

➢ My favorite light: (Lighting)

➢ My editing laptop:

➢ Microphone:

✰ Visit my website ✰ ➢ Explore my content:

➢ My digital products:

➢ Content Creator Merch:

✰ Tutorial Tuesday ✰ Tutorial Tuesday is a bi-weekly series where I discuss and explain the ways you can improve your content and content creation process from editing tutorials, tips, and behind-the-scenes breakdowns on how I make YouTube videos. ✰ See more YouTube tips ✰ ➢

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✰ Comment on your questions and suggestions ✰ Feel free to ask me about … ➢ How to create your YouTube channel ➢ Video editing or recording 📹 ➢ Equipment advice or recommendations 💡 ➢ Personal or professional advice 📊 ➢ Or just say hello 😁 SUBSCRIBE to watch more videos to improve your content creation process! 📲 #Youtubemoney #Youtubetips #makemoneyonline.




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