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Make Money Making Candles – At Home Candle Making Business Tips



– LIKE MY CHANNEL? CLICK HERE TO SHOW A LITTLE LOVE! . ‘It is totally possible to make money making candles! So watch this video and learn how to make money making candles with a home candle making business! The most common question I get lately is what can I charge for my candles? Well, before we can determine what we can sell our candles for, we first need to find out how much it costs to make them. This process can be a bit confusing because many different supplies arrive at different times from different locations. In this video, I take you step by step and show you the cost breakdown for one of my own candles, and then from there, deciding how much to charge for them is a breeze! ” Equipment and things that I use in my store: smart digital weighing scale

Fire extinguisher

Pouring jugs

Digital thermometer

Double burner

Small Presto Kettle

Large Presto Kettle

Some of the supplies I use 4x4x4 boxes

8x4x4 boxes

6x4x4 boxes

Boxes 9x6x3

Tons of other sizes!

Cornstarch Packing Peanuts

“As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.” .



  1. i watch you a lot and thing you ace,i'm just at the beginning of selling candle etc and thinging of making something of it but i'm in the uk you were talking about shipping do you ship to the UK?x

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  4. This is all good information, but I am wondering why you didn't add in all the other costs involved such as cost of running a website, paying for quickbook or an accountant if you have one, your labor or an employee's pay, insurance, utilities, rent etc.? Don't all those costs figure into the price as well? You wouldn't dare start a candle business without proper insurance and business licenses, filing a DBA or LLC and so forth.

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  6. I noticed that you never mentioned the time and effort that you put into your candles. It's amazing to me how much goes into candle making including math! Thanks for all your time and information. I have learned so much in just a few days. 🤯🥰

  7. Indeed brother this is a great video… yes i go by cost of bulk broken down 6oz mason jars and 4oz tin…thank u soooo much this works. Thank u for Serving our country.
    God bless America and my afford soldiers.

  8. Tim, i greatly appreciate the amount of time and effort you put into your videos. I am in the process of starting a candle business. What are the best places to find legal information such as is there any required ASTM standard testing for how clean they burn in order to sell them or such things like that? I would greatly appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.

    Thank you, Bret C.

  9. Great stuff man! One quick question, most suppliers do fluctuate in price. buying in bulk obviously is the way to go to cut costs. I noticed you said that 50 lbs of wax is around 53$. On every site I have been to, the shipping cost for that is about the same price for the product. So it cost me 105$ for 50lbs of wax, as well 15$ for about 4oz bottles of wax. So Do your shipping costs not factor in to your overall sale price? And if those are indeed final prices you pay for those products, do you have a short list of vendors you would be willing to share?! 🙂 YOU ROCK BTW…KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

  10. Tim…on your labels….why don’t you go to your local business card/paper maker place and get them to make your labels for pennies on the dollar….My mom has a clothing store and she gets her labels- 1000 for 12.95 plus tax. They have her logo on them and are sticky- gold foil type, etc……you could price it for yourself. What about you labor costs? You forgot to pay yourself…LOL. You work hard man……I thank you for all this information without all the fuss and bull….Love it!!!!!!

  11. I’m so glad I stumbled across your channel!! I’m thinking/starting the process of set up my own candle buisness and you’re video have been so much help! Definitely make me feel like I can do this!! Thank you!!

  12. Hi Tim, Im using small unlidded votive candle containers (70ml) to make my samples and test the scent percentages of each candle, around 8% is great. I then used this percentage im my 200ml tins but now they are WAY too strong. Im using a Soy/Coconut wax mix. Is there a general rule for lowering the scent percentage by a certain amount between unlidded and lidded container candles? Cheers.


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