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Make Money Online Travel Full Time in an RV

We discussed how we earn money and travel full time in an RV.

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  1. I totally agree with you both , this is the best time to do what you’re doing, live minimally and make the most of what you can and what you have. This is what life is all about Happiness is a choice and I can see you are both happy .
    Continue vlogging money is just secondary. Your vlogs are very helpful and enjoyable at the same time.and most of all you have the opportunity to explore the world.

  2. How do you get started, and how did you get your first pay cheque would you give me and my husband info we are a Canadian and an older couple not that matter

  3. I'm glad you all provided the actual numbers.. it makes sense and may offer more people insight into how they could pull off full timing..  I bet the Class B is way more efficient !!    thanks for sharing.

  4. I'm catching up on videos…Kait, love your hair down! I know I saw a video of Joe shaving your hair off, but just wanted to mention that your hair looks great here. I inherited the bad hair gene from and wish my hair was as thick and black as yours!

  5. You guys are amazing, new here is this lifestyle for a couple years or a permanent lifestyle? Anyways you guys are definitely living..most people work their whole lives and retire before they do this your doing it's wonderful!!

  6. Great video and thank you for encouraging my wife and myself to take it to the next level in life, to take the risk and commit to the adventure. I am 72 years old my wife is 65 years old and your videos are
    Inspiration for us to continue an adventurous lifestyle. We've traveled to 35 countries and by seeing how you take on the challenges has given us the courage to do things that we have not felt comfortable doing. The bottom line we are getting out of the comfort zone. What advice would you give us? You're doing it and thank you for what you're doing it is appreciated all.Jerry & Lori

  7. I'm a bit behind the series, and watching them in order. I've just watched this, and I love your income reports, as I have a long term plan to be doing this when my children are at collage/left home.Keep up the great work. These are some of the more honest videos of this type. I love you guys. All the way from England

  8. Great job Kait and Joe,I have subscibed too! I own a 2005 Pleasure Way Excel type b,before i purchased I was excited to go explore after watching many rv sites,but what sets your channel apart is the honesty and being upfront…..Duh,honesty,wow thought that went out years ago ;-} Great job,safe travels,

  9. No, the reports aren't redundant, they're very useful to us newbies that are trying to figure this whole thing out. You are one of the most helpful couples posting travel/RV videos. Keep it going and Woof to Leo.

  10. I like the income report. Would like to see some graphs over time (pictures are worth a million words)… for those who are statistics geeks. I bet you can do that without making it too boring. One point: I actually clicked on one of your Amazon links and the product was sold out. I poked around the site, through your link, but ended up not buying anything. So it might benefit you to periodically check links back to your affiliates on your older videos and make sure they are still relevant and adjust the link / product update as needed. You can always say something like: The model used in this video is no longer produced / or is sold out. If sold out, we recommend a backup we are also familiar with, product X. This may happen if viewers see one of your videos, then go back and watch your much older videos that you've long since passed.

  11. Great videos! I wish I could talk my wife into doing something like this. I can work remotely and would love to invest in a camper van and go see the country! Keep up the great work!

  12. i just found your channel. i am amazed of everything you guys have done. I am planning to go stealth van/rving myself. but it will take alot of time and money to do a conversion. hopefully i get the courage. i wish you all the best.

  13. I like these reports and hope you keep doing them. It is refreshing, honest, and it makes me want to support you~ I just went and clicked on all the ads! LOL Keep up the great work, I wish you both TONS of success and happiness.

  14. Hey you guys. I didn't skip the Gucci add so you can get credit. I'm learning a lot from your videos. I'm really thinking about living the full time van life too.

  15. This video is totally useful! What are your expenses/month now that you have downsized to a Class B? Do you have separate jobs as well that you can do on the road?


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