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Making $100,000/Year Online In PROFIT Selling Mugs (Case Study) w/ Print On Demand!

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  1. Few months ago i had no money in my poket or even in my account , but when i started watching your videos i got inspired very much that i opened and redbubble and a cafepress store , you were right , i just design simple shirts with funny quotes or pictures on it and it helps me a lot. Each of my shirt was have 149 sales+ , and that all cause of you. THANK YOU VERY MUCH no w am earning even more than my friends and helping others , again Thanks.

  2. Sounds very interested, I just have a question about the designs, everytime a costumer ask for a personalized design, you have to do it at that moment? or you have specific designs that the costumer will pick up ? how about the personalized text, do you always have to write the text at the moment a client buy your product, or you have system that does that specific job? thanks Sarah! nice info!

  3. Hi Sarah. What platform is better for mugs in your opinion – Printify or Printful? I use Printful primarily, as the quality seems to be better. Although, they have higher prices. Can you make a healthy profit margin with Printful selling their mugs? Thanks!

  4. Heeey SarahTed! Curious – in your reverse engineering…after you’d use printify to print the mug, would you then…delete the design? I was wondering…is it wrong to just leave up a design of someone else’s dog after you’ve used it like that? Lol hmm. Idk. Help. Lol I’m toying with a ton of different ideas & this little bit has just been noggin’ at the brain

  5. I understood everything right up until you went from "Printify" to "Canva". Why do you need "Canva" ???????? And then "Fiver"????? I'm lost. You may not need to be a graphic artist but you will need strong computer skills and the ability to navigate Printify, Canva & Fiver. For now it would help to understand this video.

  6. You never explain how you get your customer's dog/baby photo in the first place. Do you have a page on your website where they can upload it or do you have them email a file to you?

  7. Hello dear Ted, can you help me with a question? How do I integrate my Teespring shop in Etsy? Do I have to build it again or can I directly integrate it into Etsy? I have not found the exact information on Etsy and I do not know if it is possible to redirect it to Etsy. I will appreciate it very much if you can guide me on it. Thank you and many successes!

  8. Hi Sarah! I'm so glad I came across your useful, helpful and super informative videos!!!!! Thank you so much!!!
    I'd like to ask you how/where do you promote your products/website?
    All the best!

  9. I have been thinking about doing this for so long. I don't know why I am so hesitant and skeptical… Ugh!

    I appreciate the great videos! I just need to pull the trigger and start! Also need to figure out just one platform to use.

  10. If willing to reply, please, who takes care of the sales tax (collecting and reporting) if it is presumably being collected by Etsy or…? I don’t see the flow of this concept. Or if anyone here has an answer. Hopefully, you will give time to answer. Thanks and thanks for the video.

  11. I want to focus on my art. Is it possible (meaning financially feasible) to pay someone to take care of all of these back end pieces, setting up the store, the vendors, continuous promotion/marketing etc? I just want to generate my art and hand it off to someone to deal with all of the logistics. I don't mind managing it, overseeing it, qc it, and making the decisions, but I want to pay someone to deal with these mechanics.

  12. Thanks for doing this video! So if you were using POD for this someone would have to work each order individually and submit it to Printify one at a time? That seems very time consuming especially at a volume anywhere close to this kind of profit. Is there no way integrate the process?

  13. We need a video of OTHER companies other than Printify . I would want various colour selections for my customer as well. I sell on WooCommerce; FREE from the atrocious pricing schemes that I've heard Shopify offers.

  14. Sadly, I can't have an etsy store but I own I redbubble account that I posted a few stuff some years ago and still make some couple dollars. Honestly, thank you. I'm a perfectionist so every time I started I get overwhelmed with my lack of design knowledge and get inside my head and do nothing but today I sat down and made one design. Will it sell? I don't know, but tomorrow I will make another one and so on 🙂


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