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OptiMonk Review-Best Popup Software to Get Email Subscribers!

Barry Dunlop
Topic: Email Marketing Posts: Conversion Optimization, Website Monetization

Almost all websites use some form of pop-up software.

That said, if you’re a blogger and you’re reading this post, it’s very likely that your website already has pop-up software. Or you are considering adding at least one!

Pop-up software significantly increases conversions, delivers more traffic and generates more revenue.

But what pop-up software should I use?

In 2010, we were one of the first blogs to add pop-ups to our website.

Once you add Popup Software, you’ve got more conversions and subscribers than you’ve done before.

And it is the same to this day.

As you can see in the screenshot of the Aweber account, pop-ups accounted for 63.9% of all new subscribers to this blog!

OptiMonk review

Recently we have reviewed the various pop-up software alternatives available.

What we had was working fine, but could there be other alternatives that squeeze a few percentage points more when it comes to conversions?

After all, there is always something to improve!

We started by looking at all the popular pop-up software alternatives that jump from one sales page to another, read reviews, and more.

After all, the decisive factor was not functionality. Honestly most do pretty much the same thing.

Instead, we focused on pop-up software that offers the best design options. Our experience is that design is the biggest contributor to Popup’s success.

In three short lists, we finally settled on OptiMonk.

This tool is a tool I’ve seen several times over the years. It’s not as popular as some, but it has always appeared as a luxury product.

If you are already satisfied with the pop-up software and don’t want to change it to a new tool, skip to the post part where we share our affiliate redirect pop-up strategy.

How to use popup in IncomeDiary

Pop-ups have been around for quite some time, so their popularity has fallen. Many people close without even thinking. So, I wanted the pop-up to praise the user experience rather than focusing all the attention on getting someone to subscribe. Here are the 4 main pop-ups you’ll use on this website:

Pop up main exit

This pop-up is used to promote a free traffic domination report.

GDPR bar

You must ask the user to read and agree to the privacy policy. This popup handles it. Most websites choose to display a bar across the site footer. Read the GDPR guide.

Onclick subscription popup

Sometimes users decide to close the pop-up and subscribe later. I wanted to link it to the IncomeDiary footer as a pop-up so I can subscribe at any time.

Follow-up sales pop-up

I wanted a popup that doesn’t show up again after seeing the main popup twice. This popup is used to redirect users to a sales page or monetization blog post instead of using it to win subscribers.

Getting started with OptiMonk pop-up tool

First of all, I used a 2 week free trial that comes with 40,000 free views. I didn’t need a credit card and it took a few seconds to get started.

Before you start, you need to tell the domain where the popup will appear (you can choose two websites) and add code to your website so that the popup can be displayed. I did this using their free WordPress plugin. It took less than 30 seconds.

OptiMonk Review – Create Your First Pop-Up Using OptiMonk

This is where the real fun begins, and I’m surprised how much the software has evolved over the years since I last looked at other solutions. It was really a breeze to go through the pop-up builder as I hardly ever had to think about it.

I started by scrolling through their pop-up designs.

I chose the Oxford design because I wanted to include the eCover image and I could already see how it would look.

Next, I started customizing it to fit my current blog design.

I used the same orange and green color on my blog. After a few minutes of editing, the pop-up looks like it was custom designed for my website. This was important to me. I love consistency and I want everything on my website to match.

In the second pop-up I made, I was able to drag and drop the GDPR checkbox.

After completing the design, you need to choose when to display the pop-up. I decided to make it appear when someone tries to leave the website. (Quit Popup) I thought it was the least intrusive way to display the popup.

After that, I had to decide on the conditions for the pop-up display. I chose the default setting to show popup twice, at least 1 hour between each view.

I thought it was an interesting feature. Not only does it provide a better user experience, but it also increases the likelihood that someone will subscribe. Many website visitors come to your site and never come back after visiting. That’s why it’s important to encourage them to subscribe again.

However, most people don’t want to subscribe to other email lists. At least not without devoting more time to your website. Therefore, most people reject the first offer. However, those who remain or return to the site are much more likely to subscribe.

So, with this conditioning, you have two chances to convince someone. These are the people who only visit once, and those who have rejected pop-ups because they don’t have enough time yet to know they like your website.

And there is a popup!

You already have the first few subscribers in minutes!

They also include what they call Nanobar, Is the bar at the top of the page. Good for GDPR.

It also has a sidebar opt-in box.

Now that you’ve set up OptiMonk the way you want it, you’ve started creating redirect exit pop-ups to increase affiliate sales. When someone visits IncomeDiary’s review, a pop-up pops up telling you about the free trial offer when you exit the page. Here are some examples of popups I’ve made:

The results of these new pop-ups are much higher than the typical conversion rates you see in standard email pop-ups. This is because pop-ups are more targeted to your content, giving us a higher conversion rate as well as a better experience for users. Take a look at yourself below.

OptiMonk Review-Get Started Now

What we use is:

  • Aweber collects, stores and sends emails.
  • OptiMonk connected with Aweber to show pop-ups on their blog.
  • TermsFeed for Privacy Policy Template.

Further reading:



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