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Poshmark – How to make money online

Poshmark is fast becoming one of my favorite apps. It’s a great way to clean your closet and earn money too! Questions or comments leave them below! Thanks for watching! Please subscribe! Sign up for Poshmark – use my code and get $ 5 off your first BKDVU purchase Link for my final review: Where to find me: INSTAGRAM:


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  1. this was the most informative video I've found i want to start selling my stuff on there i m a stay home mom n i wan to make some of my own money so i can shop more or just whatever ya know n i was wondering how they paid u n every video no-one was saying how u get paid and i don't have a pay pal act I'm not that like online savvy so thanks so much for all the info i was wondering tho can you just the credits build up until ur ready to cash out like if i wanted to wait till i hit 100 hundred dollars than cash out does the time matter

  2. Poshmark really? I mean it could be a good source of extra income but if you interested in making a living from home, head over to Givendaily. com . This system will teach you how to make 3k per week or more, just for a dollar.

  3. Don't TRUST Poshmark as a seller!!! They don't support their sellers and you will lose your stuff to scamming buyers.

    I've been a seller on Posh and have received many 5 star ratings. I currently have over 250 listings, yet Poshmark continues to allow dishonest buyers to purchase items, damage them and Poshmark returns their money?

    I've spent time marketing them, taking photos, providing excellent customer service to make the sale. Carefully wrapped the items, after fully representing them through photos and answering questions.

    Buyers who just join the site and have NO credibility of proven history of integrity can purchase my items, damage them and get their money back.

    Poshmark provides NO seller support or reward system for all their hard work. They ignore sellers listing photos when comparing them with the buyers alleged "pics," and punish their sellers.

    Currently, I am having a beautiful North Face coat returned by Poshmark because it has been reported as "damaged." The buyer refuses to communicate with me, she is new and has 1 listing and NO 5 star ratings, yet Poshmark is providing her with credibility and not a proven seller?

    After several attempts to communicate with Poshmark I finally received pics which the buyer had sent in. The pics show dirt that was rubbed on areas of the coat which were clearly photographed in the listing photos. So unless a 5 star seller decided to rub dirt on a coat AFTER taking pics and then sending it to a buyer, this buyer added the dirt so they can return it.

    This continues to happen and when people research this company, we see your name. We are wondering why you would allow this to happen?

    Manish and his team continue to ignore emails sent to them about this buyer scam that they are enabling to happen to valued sellers. Ebay values and rewards their sellers and they have earned the trust of both buyers and sellers.

    Please, address these issues with Manish and his team, or it will eventually affect your own reputation. If Poshmark chooses to believe scamming buyers who have absolutely NO proven credibility, they should eat the cost of that choice and NOT their 5 star sellers.

  4. Follow me on poshmark guys!: imdaqueen10 and if you dont have it you may use my code PXEUG to get your first 5 dollars! i get 5 as well so we help each other out! look at my closet prices are always negotiable!


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