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Safest Way To Make Money Online – My Paying Ads Strategy

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You may have wondered how to make money online quickly, how to make money online easily, how to make money from home, how to make money online quickly, or what is the fastest way to make money online. I’m sick of always looking for “the best” and constantly finding ways to earn legitimate money at home, ways to earn money online, and ways to earn real money at home. It wasn’t until I discovered My Paid Ads, one of the easy ways to make money and legitimate ways to make money online that it changed everything for me and allowed me to live a portable lifestyle in China. What could be better than making money online? If you are looking for a quick way to earn money online, then My Paying Ads is the one for you. This is a real way to make money online and the best website to make money online. It’s all thanks to having the best RevShare program to join right here:

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  1. Does anyone have any help. with regards to an eMail to send to people, that would help me in explaining/getting sign ups for MPA? I' have not been very good at marketing and sales. Any help anyone can give me will be massively appreciated. I'm currently at 24 AdPacks, ($5 -$10's & $50's) after starting with 8 – $50 AdPacks on 01/23/2017. Thanks Very Much!

  2. Hi! I would like more information please. Someone else tried introducing me to a company that does this but it was so confusing and that person offered almost no support after I initially signed up. Your video answered a lot of my questions! How do I get started? Is there an email address where I can contact you? Thanks!

  3. Hi Steve, thank you for these videos. I have a question regarding earnings. As far as I understand 70% of earnings go to repurchase balance and 30% go to cash balance. If, at some point I want to withdraw all the earnings from MPA, can I withdraw whatever is in the repurchase balance?
    Thank you,

  4. What can I buy with bitcoin anyways? Also, what happens when your adpacks expire? Wouldn't withdrawing make me earn less per day? I mean I suppose that withdrawing 20% is the only way to prevent me from losing adpacks but 20% is so little money.

  5. im a american when i try to pay for my first adpack it says i need to check my bank to transfer money internationally. what should i do. i havent scanned mypaying ads my bank statement yet. what should i do just stop paying or contact my bank. im in america by the way. can americans do mypaying ads to?

  6. Whats going to happen when President Hussein Obama turns over part of the internet to the United Nations and they turn it off
    for us regular people. All by plan just before the Presidential election in the US !

  7. Thank you for the video, I signed up today under your name and deposited $5, Am in south Africa and would like to build my account up to where I can be able start withdrawing between $30 – $100 day. Am thinking next week I will work on some freelance jobs and get $100 to deposit on my account.

    what am not sure about is how to go around dividing the funding on my ads once I have the $100, do I need to advertise all the other websites i have in mind or can i just stick to advertising one of my favorite affiliate website?

    and how long would it take from my $100 investment for me to start earning daily like you?

  8. I got a couple questions about the website credits.

    1. is the number of credits I add on a website, gonna influence on how many times my website is gonna show?

    2 if yes is the best strategy to buy website credits?


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