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Top 10 Examples of How to Increase Profits with Condition Marketing

Barry dunlop
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Today I want to introduce you to two new marketing strategies that most of you probably haven’t heard of, but which may well have the ability to revolutionize the way you do business online.

These two new strategies are:

Condition Marketing – display marketing based on the way a user interacts with your website.


Sequence Marketing – show marketing depending on where a user is in your sales funnel.

From what I can see, all advertising is useless advertising, if you don’t target the people who want to see your ads, through condition and sequence marketing.

Below are my top tips for dramatically increasing your conversion rates. Be sure to read to the end to learn about our new tool. which will systematize this entire process for you and allow you to do it at a mere fraction of the time and cost.

Top 10 ways to cut down on unnecessary advertising:

1. Replace email registration boxes after a visitor subscribes

This is probably the most common mistake I see being made by websites and it is not just made by amateurs, it is a usability glitch that can be seen on the most successful websites.

If a website visitor has subscribed to your email list, why does he need to keep seeing his subscription boxes for a list he has already subscribed to? Here at IncomeDiary, once you subscribe to our email list, we replace our subscription boxes with advertising for the next step in our marketing sequence. Each time they do what we suggest, they go through the sequence and see different ads, depending on where they are in our sales funnel.

2. Replace the product ads of people who already bought the product.

Similar to email subscription boxes, what is the point of displaying ads for a product that a visitor has already purchased? If someone buys from you, you’ve branded yourself a higher quality lead to sell, and by wasting ad space you’re wasting money-making opportunities.

Make sure to replace the ads of those who have bought your products with something new and attractive.

3. Discount packages for visitors looking at multiple sales pages

If someone looks at multiple of your product sales pages, why not replace your ads with a discount if you buy multiple products at the same time?

4. Offer incentives to visitors who look at your sales page multiple times and don’t buy

If someone goes to PopUp Domination and doesn’t buy after the first two visits, the next time they visit the sales page, they will be presented with a 30-day free trial available only if they sign up within the next 48 hours.

If they still haven’t bought, go back to the normal sales page for their next visit.

Then we replaced the sales page again after that, to offer a 60-day free trial with a 24-hour countdown to sign up.

Incentives and scarcity are some of the strongest ways to drive sales. Including it in your conditional marketing will only increase your conversion rate even more.

5. Stop showing ads to those who have not shown interest in the topic.

This is another big problem that I see occurring on many large websites, particularly retail websites. Why are you advertising a product on a topic that I have not shown interest in?

We found it best to display ads related to the category a user is currently viewing on our websites and personalize the user experience accordingly.

6. Stop showing the same ad 20 times to someone and expect them to suddenly take an interest in 21.

If someone sees your ad over and over and doesn’t even click on it, they probably have no interest in it.

Why not replace the no-click product ads with different products? There’s no reason why you can’t re-show the old ad later in your sequence. In this way, you are simply increasing your chances of making a sale.

7. Stop displaying the wrong currency

If you can accept multiple currencies, why not display the prices in the currency of your visitor’s country?

Visitors are more likely to trust a local business than a business they have no idea where you are. It may not be local, but by offering prices in your local currency, you will not only improve the user experience, but the user will likely trust you more.

8. Show ads for products that only people in your country can buy, to people outside your country.

If your product only ships to certain countries, why show your ads to everyone? You will see from the following tip that advertising doesn’t always have to be to get sales, it can also be used indirectly to drive traffic and sales.

9. Try to sell to someone who will never buy from you

This is a big problem, and because it is a big problem, there is a great profit opportunity.

A large percentage of people who visit your website have no intention and will never buy from you.

So what do you do with visits like this?

You get them to help you with marketing!

Replace advertising with social sharing boxes and buttons to help increase traffic. They may not want to buy you something, but their friends can!

10. Allow users to move to the next ad.

The idea of ​​marketing is to get someone to notice you, interact with you, and ultimately buy from you.

Using a skip button means that you can give the user the power, not only that, but also on a subconscious level, empower them to click on your ads.

Here’s how I’m going to test it to promote WhyCompete:

Announcement 1: Sign up for the WhyCompetes sequential marketing tool and create great ads like this one.

Below the registration button there will be a link that will say: No thanks, I’m not interested.

When they click on this link, the following ad appears.

Announcement 2: Not interested in seeing 3x higher conversions than you are currently seeing? What if I told you that you can have a 30-day free trial? Would you be interested then?

They may think to themselves, I have never seen anything like this before, maybe I should register.

Maybe I’m a bit optimistic, only time will tell.

However, in reality, it doesn’t have to stop there. You can show another ad after this one, saying something like: Ok, I understand, you are not interested at the moment. In the meantime, why not read this blog post about our tool: Top 10 Examples of How to Increase Profits With Condition Marketing?

Yes that’s right, we could use this same post to link to it in the ad, then you can read about the thought process behind this feature.

Cool right?

Ok, time, to show you how to do all this for yourself.

How to do all this with the new, the first of its kind, condition and sequence marketing tool, from WhyCompete …

The reason that condition and sequence marketing is more or less unknown until now is because it has not been possible to implement it without significant investment in development.

Over the years, my team and I have created personalized ad experiences with great success. Very occasionally, I have also seen top marketers try to do basic sequence marketing.

But until today, it has NEVER been easy!

Hard work is what keeps the vast majority of business owners from achieving much higher conversion rates than they currently do.

All that changes right now.

With WhyCompetes’ sequential marketing tool, you can now create and personalize advertising experiences for people who visit your website, in minutes!

Here’s how it’s easy to get started:

Step 1. Select the block on your website that you want to customize.

Step 2. Create your marketing sequence

Step 3. Profit

It’s as easy as that! To get started, visit WhyCompete right now.

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