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Top 11 Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Beginners That Drive Sales

To grow a viable affiliate marketing business, you must be intentional. You can’t release content in the hope that something will stick. You have to make it stick.

To do that, you need to implement some of the proven affiliate marketing strategies, whether you want to make your first affiliate sale or increase your profits.

Here are several ways to promote your affiliate links and earn your first dollar online with affiliate marketing:

1. Promote genuinely great products

Think with me for a moment.

If you were selling your own digital products, you would definitely spend time improving, soliciting feedback, and modifying them when the need arises.

Reason? This product is associated with you. If you mess up something, your brand will suffer.

This, my friend, is exactly how you should approach your affiliate programs. You don’t have to have personally purchased the products you are promoting, but you do need to be sure that they are worth someone’s money.

There are several ways to validate the usefulness of a product. For example, finding critical reviews that talk about the program, evaluating the quality of its sales pages, and what people generally say about the brand and the seller.

If you want to promote a high-end product but don’t want to buy it, you can use their free trial if they have one. Having first-hand experience with the product will help you develop much more comprehensive and detailed content.

Your key role as a content creator is to find helpful resources that help others achieve particular goals. By promoting only great products, you build loyalty and trust.

2. Promote the products you are familiar with.

This is important as it will help you create effective content much faster. With new products, there is a learning curve. You will have to find out how certain software works, what it can do, what it cannot do, other people’s experiences with it, and so on. before a detailed review can be performed.

This can wear you out, especially when you’re starting out as an affiliate marketer.

Look for products that you are already using and visit their sites to see if they have an affiliate program. Just check your footer section for a link to your affiliate program page. A quick ‘affiliate program + branding’ from Google will also give you an answer.

For example:

These are the platforms you are already using and it will be easier to create content around them and promote content. Other affiliate ideas include your WordPress theme provider, your blogging tools like laptops, microphones, cameras, etc. All you need is to join Amazon Associates and start reviewing these products.

To make money from affiliate marketing, you need an executable strategy. This means that you should not only think about content creation, but also how to promote these affiliate posts to get more traction, increase conversion, and earn more money while still being useful.

3. Create relevant and useful content.

Content marketing plays a vital role in affiliate marketing. You want to post content that people will love. This is difficult to achieve when you are promoting too much. Your affiliate posts should guide people to make independent decisions.

Whether it’s a product review, list post, or tutorial guide, make sure you’re adding value to people. This is the only sustainable blogging model I can think of right now. The good news is that once this content starts to improve, you will start to generate sustainable blogging income without the need for additional work.

Invest in your content and it will pay off later.

Always remember:

  • Make your content natural, attractive and useful: Your affiliate content should blend in well with the overall theme / purpose of your blog. To refine yourself, you need to create useful detailed content about particular affiliate programs and products. These can be anything from product reviews, tutorial guides, product comparisons to case studies.
  • Develop content that outperforms your competitors: SEO is important to affiliate marketers. While you will be making sales within the first few days of posting your content, as you will be running great promotions, you need to make sure your strategy has a long-term game plan. Build content around keywords that you can easily rank for and are evergreen.

4. Put together a resource page.

Every blog today has a recommendation page, and it’s for good reason. Their resource page is one of the most visited pages in addition to the home page and the About page. People who visit your resource page are looking for tools that they can use.

You want to mix free and paid tools on your resource page. Share the tools you really love and the ones that have helped you transform your business.

Your resource page design can also go a long way in driving your conversions. Try a few resource pages that you like and try modeling your designs.

5. Work with profitable affiliate programs.

You have to earn those dollars, but you only have a limited time to create affiliate content. So it makes sense to only join affiliate programs that are relevant to your audience and pay well in terms of commissions.

A profitable product resonates well with your audience, pays a higher commission, and has an elaborate sales funnel that drives high conversions.

Here’s your guide to finding well-paying affiliate programs to join.

6. Keep increasing your best source of high-quality traffic.

Find a font that works for you and invest heavily in it. Spreading your time and budget everywhere may not be a sustainable model for most entrepreneurs who cannot afford to have more hands in business.

If you find that Pinterest gives you targeted traffic that converts really well, consider doubling down on the platform by creating more pins, consulting experts, and optimizing your boards. This also applies to LinkedIn, Facebook groups, and search traffic.

7. Create a list of compromised email subscribers.

The success of any online business is on the list. You want to build an audience around your main affiliate product. For example, if you are promoting a web hosting company like Bluehost, you may want to start a free 7-day blogging course.

When all is said and done, your email list is still your business’s most valuable asset.

8. Be helpful, empathetic, and caring.

The hard sell won’t do any good. When recommending products, do so without being annoying.


  • Send only the emails you need to send.
  • Write a copy that is not merely promotional.
  • Share affiliate links in Facebook groups only when their recommendations have an impact on your users.
  • Give people an outlet for your promotional content.

9. Work hand in hand with your affiliate manager.

The most popular affiliate networks and affiliate programs will assign you an affiliate manager. These are your amazing partners per se. They have experience working with hundreds of affiliates and will give you practical advice and even increase your commissions over time.

10. Shorten your affiliate links.

It does this for two reasons: to easily share your affiliate links with others, and two, to track which links are performing the best in terms of clicks.

Also, most affiliate programs have links that are unnecessarily long and ugly, so they look like spam. Use a plugin like Prettylinks or ThirstyAffiliates links to shorten your affiliate links.

11. Promote your affiliate links and assets strategically

To make sales and earn commissions for your affiliate products, you need to generate relevant traffic. To do that, diversify your sources. Some ways to do this include:

  • Join relevant Facebook groups, follow the rules, get involved, and occasionally share your affiliate assets when relevant.
  • Join relevant LinkedIn groups and get involved.
  • Get started with Pinterest to drive traffic to your affiliate assets. You can also link directly to their affiliate programs on Pinterest if they allow it.
  • Paste your affiliate links in YouTube descriptions.
  • Use affiliate links on Twitter without spamming users.

The winning affiliate marketing strategy is one that involves 3 main aspects: quality affiliate products, useful content, and quality traffic.

What affiliate marketing strategies have worked well for you? Let me know below. I also suggest joining affiliate marketing forums as the community will help you with tons of tips that currently work for them. I am part of the AffLift forum and I love it. Many ideas and resources for members. Join AffLift for free.

Top 11 Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Beginners That Drive Sales



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