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Upload Music and EARN MONEY 💥 How to MAKE MONEY with MUSIC on YouTube

Watch this video to learn the 5 steps to make money with music on YouTube. This concept is known as YouTube monetization of royalty-free music. In this video, you will see examples of YouTube channels that are successfully using this method to upload music and earn money. You will also see how much money they can earn each month. Subscribe to this channel: ➤

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It’s possible to upload music and earn money on YouTube, even if you can’t sing or play an instrument! Keep watching. I will show you example channels, how much they make and then I will give you step by step details on how to make money on YouTube with music videos. All this using copyright-free videos. The concept is really simple. Suppose you want to find soothing music for your baby to fall asleep. Here you see a lot of videos with just popular music and a picture. This baby relax channel has 761 thousand subscribers and let’s see how much they earn. This other Wonderful Lullabies channel, again is just a collection of free music compiled together. People are not here to watch these videos, but to listen to music. Would you believe that a channel like this is earning so much every month? this is YouTube monetization royalty free music You can adapt the same concept. Here are the steps on how to make money from music on YouTube. Find royalty-free music based on a theme from YouTube’s Audio Library.

go to other features, Audio Library One of the best sources of free music for YouTube videos is the YouTube Music Library. To search for a song, you can use one of the five filters. For example, let’s say you want to make a relaxing video that is about 1 hour long. So to find related free music, you can go to the mood and then select calm. you can set the duration to more than 5 minutes. That means you need to have around 12 songs in a video. Some songs require you to give them credit. If you don’t want to do that, use the filter attribution not required. Next Download the songs you need. The next step is to find a free image that you can use as a background for the video. Creative commons sites like offer high-quality images for free. For example, if you need a clam image background to add to your video, just type in peace and you will get plenty of images to choose from. Now that you have the music and the image, the next step is to create the video. You can choose a video editor of your choice. Add the audio tracks and the image and produce the video. The next step is the most important step. How to Monetize Your Videos with Royalty-Free Music Upload the video with the correct title and description so that your video will appear on the first page of YouTube search results when someone enters a keyword in the YouTube search box. I have created 2 videos above on how to get your videos to rank on YouTube. Check out those videos if you haven’t already. the links are in the description below. The final step is to make money from video. Every time someone watches or rather listens to your video, you will earn money with YouTube adsense. Now you know how to make money from music online with YouTube royalty free music monetization. Give it a try and let me know how it goes. .



  1. Just imagine if I start a new music channel can I do download from the differs songs from google or from others channel, use those songs or playlist in my YouTube channel. Is any copyright problem will arise?
    Note: if I did any mistake don't take it negatively

  2. Let's Help each other guys subscribe and like each others channel reply to me your channels down below and I'll subscribe it please do so to my channel little sapling in making channel guys. also willing to accept any advice on me starting my music channel .. thank y'all and godspeed to all of us.. ^_^


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