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Wells Fargo Routing Numbers: Here’s How To Find Your Number Instantly!

If you have a Wells Fargo account in the US and need to receive or send money, you must have a routing number.

Routing numbers are used for all kinds of transactions, from direct deposit setups to online check orders.

Below you can find routing numbers for different states and different account types.

With the right routing number, you can ensure that your payment arrives at the right place!

Wells Fargo routing number

Whether you’re looking for a routing number for your state or a Command Assets program, we’re here to help.

Wells Fargo routing numbers by state and territory

Wells Fargo is a large financial institution, so there isn’t a single routing number. Instead, there are several others depending on the state in which you have the account.

You can find routing numbers for checking accounts, savings accounts, and more.

Here are the Wells Fargo routing numbers by state and territory:

  • Alabama: 062000080
  • Alaska: 125200057
  • Arizona: 122105278
  • Arkansas: 111900659
  • California: 121042882
  • Colorado: 102000076
  • Connecticut: 021101108
  • Delaware: 031100869
  • District of Columbia: 054001220
  • Florida: 063107513
  • Georgia: 061000227
  • Hawaii : 121042882
  • Idaho: 124103799
  • Illinois: 071101307
  • Indiana: 074900275
  • Iowa: 073000228
  • Kansas: 101089292
  • Kentucky: 121042882
  • Louisiana: 121042882
  • main : 121042882
  • Maryland: 055003201
  • Massachusetts: 121042882
  • Michigan: 091101455
  • Minnesota : 091000019
  • Mississippi: 062203751
  • Missouri: 113105449
  • Montana: 092905278
  • Nebraska: 104000058
  • Nevada: 321270742
  • New Hampshire: 121042882
  • New Jersey: 021200025
  • New Mexico: 107002192
  • New York: 026012881
  • North Carolina: 053000219
  • North Dakota: 091300010
  • Ohio: 041215537
  • Oklahoma: 121042882
  • Oregon: 123006800
  • Pennsylvania: 031000503
  • Rhode Island: 121042882
  • South Carolina: 053207766
  • South Dakota: 091400046
  • Tennessee: 064003768
  • Texas : 111900659
  • Texas – El Paso: 112000066
  • Utah: 124002971
  • Vermont: 121042882
  • Sybil: 051400549
  • Washington : 125008547
  • West Virginia: 121042882
  • Wisconsin: 075911988
  • Wyoming: 102301092
  • American Samoa: 121042882
  • Northern Mariana Islands: 121042882
  • Puerto Rico: 121042882
  • Virgin Islands: 121042882
  • US forces abroad: 121042882

According to Wells Fargo, if you’re a California customer and opened an account in Southern California, your check may show routing numbers that are different from the numbers listed above. You can use either number.

Wells Fargo routing numbers for wire transfers

Do I need a routing number for bank transfers?

This is different from the figures described in the States and Territories section above.

The number you use depends on the source of the incoming wire transfer.

  • Within the United States: Routing number 121000248.
  • Outside the US: SWIFT code is WFBIUS6S.

So, you fast If the incoming telegraphic transfer originates outside the United States, it’s a code, not a routing number. SWIFT codes are primarily used for international transfers via wire transfer.

Wells Fargo routing number for ACH transmission

good. A routing number is required to send ACH transfers to your Wells Fargo account. This is the same number mentioned in the Wells Fargo Routing Numbers by State and Territory section above. Find the number for that state.

Wells Fargo routing number for command asset program

The command asset program number is 102307164.

Wells Fargo routing numbers for prepaid cards (Wells Fargo EasyPay cards)

If you are using a prepaid card account type, the Wells Fargo EasyPay card routing number is 031302777.

Wells Fargo line of credit routing number

Your credit line routing number depends on the first 3 numbers in your account.

  • 001 : 073000228
  • 003: 104000058
  • 038: 122105278
  • 072: 091300010
  • 082: 092905278
  • 083: 091400046
  • 114: 121042882
  • 117: 122000247
  • 119: 124002971
  • 163: 102000076
  • 203: 091101455
  • 300: 091000019
  • 433: 112000066
  • 451: 102000076
  • 552: 074900275
  • 553: 041215537
  • 569: 125200057
  • 585: 107002192
  • 650, 651 or 654: 121042882
  • 661, 662 or 663: 321270742
  • 727: 075911988
  • 737: 102100918
  • 742, 743: 122101191
  • 746: 071101307
  • 748, 768: 122101191
  • 808: 111900659
  • 810: 102301092
  • 825: 321270742

For example, if the first three digits of your account are 553, your credit limit routing number will be 041215537.

What is the routing number?

An account number and routing number are required for all financial transactions a bank conducts. This is to make sure your money ends up where it is expected!

Otherwise, the bank doesn’t know which account to send the funds to and that’s not good for anyone.

When opening an account, both an account number and a routing number are assigned.

If you need to set up direct deposit or order a check online, you need to make sure you have an account number and routing number.

A routing number is a nine-digit number that banks use to identify a specific financial institution in the United States. This number also shows that the bank is a federally or state accredited institution that maintains accounts with the Federal Reserve.

Small banks may only have one routing number, while large banks such as Wells Fargo have many others. This usually depends on the state in which the account is located.

What are routing numbers used for?

Routing numbers are required for various financial transactions, such as:

  • Online check order.
  • For example, set up direct deposit, such as payroll.
  • Pay bills automatically from your Wells Fargo account.
  • Payments such as annuities have been credited to your account.
  • Pay by check.
  • Making a bank transfer to someone.
  • To make an ACH payment to someone.

How do I find my bank identification number?

There are several ways you can find your Wells Fargo routing number.

Find a routing number on a check

Routing numbers are easy to find if you have a Wells Fargo check.

There are three numbers at the bottom of all Wells Fargo checks.

From left to right:

  • routing number
  • Account Number
  • number confirmation

So the routing number is the first number on the left. It is a 9 digit number.

Find your routing number on the Wells Fargo website

Wells Fargo actually provides a website with a very useful tool that you can use to search for routing numbers by state, account type, etc.

Basically, answer a few simple questions about what you need a number for and Wells Fargo will give you the right number.

Find your routing number at Wells Fargo Online Banking

You can get your Wells Fargo routing number by logging into your online banking.

Contact Wells Fargo

If you are unsure of your routing number, please contact Wells Fargo. Your bank’s customer service representative will help you find the right number.

  • Contact information for Wells Fargo can be found here.


Whenever money is transferred anywhere, it is very important to get the details right. Therefore, you should use the Wells Fargo routing number that is appropriate for your specific transaction. By doing so, you can make sure your money gets to the right place!



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